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Chapter 167.1

Ice and Fire

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Tian Xin nodded shyly and then asked, “I want to go back now, okay”


Philo thought about it and said, “I’m not comfortable with you going back by yourself with the baby in your arms.

If you leave like this, the Bears will definitely be upset, so you should stay in peace and wait for Ryan to come and pick you up.

Let the Lions send some beast meat and fruit to shut their mouths.”


Tian Xin could do nothing but agree.

She waited anxiously for two days, and the news came that Ryan had led the lions to come and was now at the village entrance.

At that moment, Tian Xin hastily carried Tian Tian to the village entrance and saw Ryan standing in the middle, negotiating with Nita about something.


“Ryan,” Tian Xin shouted his name and ran into his arms.


Ryan hugged her tightly with the child, patting her back comfortingly.

Tian Tian had not seen her father for several days.

Once she smelled his scent, she waved her little hand happily and asked him to hug her.


Ryan took Tian Tian into his arms and excitedly kissed his daughter on her chubby little face.


Three days ago, he arrived home to find Tian Xin and the child missing.

He was terrified, thinking she had left with the child.


He ran to the cave in a hurry and rushed in regardless.

But unfortunately, he ran to the end and did not find any access.

He was so anxious that he almost destroyed the cave, barely calming him down.

He realized there seemed to be no smell of Tian Xin and their baby in the surroundings.


He could stabilize his mind a little and followed her scent to catch up with her.

However, he lost track of her halfway to the cave, but it was not far from the Bear Clan’s territory.

He guessed that they might have been captured by the Bear Clan.

By chance, he ran into the person Philo sent to him to deliver a letter, saying that Tian Xin and the baby were staying in the Bear Clan at the moment and were very safe so that he could rest assured.


Ryan’s nervous state calmed down.

When he thought of the little thing that had caused him so much trouble, he was angry and missed her.


He hurriedly returned to the Lion Clan and brought gifts.

Seeing her and the child at this moment, everything went away.

The anger was gone as long as she and the child were safe.

As long as they were safe, it was okay.


Ryan finished comforting Tian Xin and the baby and thanked Nita.

After leaving the gifts he brought, the group hurried back.


Ryan sincerely wanted to teach her a lesson so she would not run around in the future.

He ignored her on the way and carried the baby forward himself.

Tian Xin knew she was in the wrong, so she ingratiatingly clung to Ryan and was very well behaved.


When they returned home, Ryan ignored her, fed the baby some juice, and then softly coaxed her to sleep.


Tian Xin saw that Ryan was not paying attention to her.

She felt uncomfortable and remembered Philo’s trick, so she hurriedly ran out of the house.


Ryan saw her run out again and could not help but be alarmed.

He wanted to follow her but forced himself to harden his heart and ignore her.

Anyway, he had already said a few words to the brothers who were guarding the village.

Without a chaperone, she could not get out of the village.


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