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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 6 - Absorption and Transformation

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Chapter 6: Absorption and Transformation

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Qiao Xingran was very serious. “I understand, father.”

Qiao Xiong nodded with satisfaction. His eyes gradually became filled with shock as he watched Chu Feng and Qiao Xingran leave.

“When Chu Feng walked, he only left a few traces on the ground... just what kind of pet beast did he form a contract with To be able to affect him so much”

“Could it be that Chu Feng directly formed a contract with a level 9 awakening pet beast Or perhaps, he formed a contract with that little Wild Bear with a king-level bloodline”

Qiao Xiong became deep in thought as he processed all this.

“If Chu Feng has contracted with the Wild Bear, then he would at least be a king-level Beastmaster in the future. Moreover, he has the support of the principal. His future would be limitless!”

He shook his head again, feeling that this possibility was very small. Even if it was an A-rank beast tamer talent, the Wild Bear might not even take a fancy to it, let alone a B-rank beast tamer talent Like Chu Feng


At Diming high school year 3.

Chu Feng had just entered the school and went straight to Lan Xis office. Lan Xi was currently preparing for her class. Today was the first class after students of Grade 12 Class 8 had awakened their talents. It was a public class so the principal would come over to attend. She needed to make preparations.

Chu Feng did not disturb her. He just sat quietly by the side and waited. He looked carefully and found that Lan Xi was indeed a beauty. Her facial features were exquisite, and the temperament around her was also very unique. And her long and straight legs were simply unable to move ones gaze away. Of course, her eyes were still the most attractive. Her pair of eyes were incomparably clear, yet incomparably profound. She was extremely charming.

Chu Feng knew that Lan Xi had the A-rank beast tamer talent [spiritual control]. She was an elemental type, and Lan Xi herself was similar to a special ability user. A few Beastmasters with elemental type talents were able to participate in battles. Even their combat strength was extremely strong, not the slightest bit weaker than a pet beast.

Chu Feng couldnt help but think, “The Qiao familys ancestors were able to awaken [spiritual control] and Lan Xi just so happens to have the talent [spiritual control]. Perhaps the two are related by blood”

Only now did Lan Xi realize that Chu Feng had arrived. She said somewhat embarrassedly, “I was too focused just now. I didnt notice you coming over. Im sorry.”

“Its fine.”

Chu Feng smiled. He felt somewhat strange. Lan Xi was a sovereign-level Beastmaster, yet she would apologize to a student like him. Beastmasters were very particular about the order of seniority. Such a situation was extremely rare.

Lan Xi said seriously, “The resources you requested have arrived. The sweet honey can be directly sent to your beast space, but the soul crystal spirit stones are limited resources. They are usually only provided to nurturing type Beastmasters. You need to use them now and convert them into enhancement points. Is that okay”

Chu Feng nodded. “Yes.”

He knew clearly in his heart that there was no way to test ones talent, but he could determine what kind of talent it was based on a lot of things. Only Beastmasters of the nurturing type could directly absorb soul crystal spirit stones. Chu Feng had already looked through the information. When Lan Xi took out the soul crystal spirit stones, Chu Feng activated his beast tamer talent, absorbed and converted these soul crystal spirit stones.

The soul crystal spirit stones looked transparent, like a kind of hazy crystal, containing a kind of energy between the real and the virtual. Nurturing type Beastmasters only used these stones for absorption and transformation. Other than that, the stones did not have much use. At most, it would strengthen the soul power of the pet beast. But as a resource to strengthen the soul power, its value-for-money ratio wasnt high. Therefore, the soul crystal spirit stones gradually became the exclusive spirit stones for nurturing type Beastmasters.

When absorbing the spirit stone, Chu Feng deliberately slowed down his speed because he wanted to align it with his B-rank talent [skill enhancement]. Otherwise, if he revealed his true abilities, he would only need a minute to complete the transformation.

[Youve transformed the enhancement point x1!]

[Youve transformed the enhancement point x2!]

[Youve transformed the enhancement point x1!]

The transformation process was very slow. It took Chu Feng half an hour to complete the transformation of the eight million soul crystal spirit stones.

[Enhancement points: 800!]

After absorbing the spirit stones, Chu Feng was extremely excited! How strong would Wild Bear turn out to be with eight hundred enhancement points

Lan Xi looked at him with admiration. “Your transformation speed is not bad. Among Beastmasters of the same level of talent, its considered to be relatively fast.”

Chu Feng smiled. Even Lan Xi didnt notice anything amiss. It seemed that his disguise was very successful.

He said, “Thank you, teacher!”

Lan Xi said, “Theres no need. You should hurry back to class. Theres a public lecture today, and Principal Gao will also be here to observe. You should take this opportunity to strengthen the White Bears skills. Try to leave a good impression on Principal Gao.”

Chu Feng was shocked. Principal Gao was a true king-level Beastmaster. His little Wild Bear was most likely the descendant of that Wild Bear King!

Chu Feng opened the Wild Bears attributes panel and fell into deep thought. He now had 800 enhancement points, but he still hadnt figured out how to strengthen the Wild Bears talents and skills. This was the first time he had done something like this. He had no experience at all.


At this moment, Wild Bear was sleeping soundly in the beast space. It had just eaten the sweet honey and had a blissful expression on its face as it savoured the sweet taste of honey. Chu Feng also wanted to have a taste of the sweet honey to see what it tasted like.

The Sweet Honey Bee was a type of bee-type pet beast. Only the queen bee could reach the extraordinary level. In other words, only an extraordinary-level Beastmaster could operate a sweet honey bee nest. Moreover, there were many difficulties in the process of operating it, so it was normal for it to be expensive.

Chu Feng spent a million yuan to buy a years worth of sweet honey. Moreover, as the Wild Bears level increased, its appetite would also gradually increase. In the world of Beastmasters, how to raise a pet beast was also a very important matter.

Thinking of the fact that the sweet honey contained many extraordinary substances and was not suitable for Beastmasters to eat, Chu Feng dismissed the idea of trying it. He looked at the sleeping Wild Bear and felt somewhat helpless. It was simply too good at sleeping.

In the beast space, even a pet beast in its infancy would subconsciously want to sleep, not to mention that Chu Fengs beast space was SSS-rank. Its growth rate was 256 times faster! If it didnt sleep, the Wild Bear probably wouldnt be able to endure such a terrifying growth rate.

Chu Feng exhaled. He was ready! He began to add points!

Chu Feng focused his attention and activated his beast tamer talent. He first tried to give [great strength] an enhancement point.

[Great strength has been upgraded to Level 2. Next upgrade (0/2). Do you want to add points]

A notification appeared in front of Chu Feng. He couldnt help but raise his eyebrows. What did this mean

[Great strength Level 2: Basic skill. Instantly explodes twice as much strength like ones own. (0/2)]

Chu Feng couldnt help but be shocked. It was doubling his strength on top of his original foundation How could a single enhancement point have such a great effect After all, [great strength] was only an initial skill!


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