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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 26 - Passing the Obstacles

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Chapter 26: Passing the Obstacles

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[Iron Eagle (Illusory)]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 2]

[Bloodline: Advanced Extraordinary-Level]

[Talents: Mid-Level Metal-Type Talent, Mid-Level Wind-Type Talent]

[Skills: 1. Sharp Claws, 2. Assault, 3. Wind Wings, 4. Iron Bird Assault]

There was only one type of beast in the air and all kinds of beasts on the ground. The land beasts were Twin Deer, green monkey, and so on. Almost all of them were beasts of the advanced extraordinary-level bloodline. The beasts were about the same as in the first level, but their quantity had increased explosively. The number of beasts had doubled from 200 to 400.

Qiao Shi said, “It seems that the difficulty of this ruin is related to the number of Beastmasters. Or that it is related to the number of pet beasts entering the ruins. The beasts attacking us would be doubled in each level.”

Chu Feng nodded. The current pattern of difficulty was according to Qiao Shis statement.

“If thats the case, then they wont be able to stop the Wild Bear,” Chu Feng was confident that those beasts with the same level of extraordinary bloodlines as the Wild Bear couldnt even break through the Wild Bears defense!


The Wild Bear couldnt wait any longer!

Under Chu Fengs signal, the Wild Bears body size increased explosively! Its wild aura spread out as it used its 20 times great transformation and ten times wild body. The Wild Bear turned into a terrifying big bear instantly!

The 100 iron eagles swooped down all at once and used their most powerful skills. The aura of metal filled their body. Their feathers seemed to be made of metal and possessed high hardness.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The Iron Eagles slammed into the Wild Bears body!

However, even if they aimed at the seemingly fragile areas, they would still be dispersed by the boiling wild aura, not to mention the Iron Eagles charging at the Wild Bears body. The backlash almost shattered them!


The Wild Bear let out a low growl, and its body shook violently! It knocked down many Iron Eagles. The Iron Eagles struggled on the ground, but they could not fly! There were many groups of beasts rushing over from the ground. The Wild Bear looked down. With its terrifying 20-meter body, the land beasts were no different from rats.

The Wild Bear stomped on the ground nimbly. The ground shook violently every time it stomped. Under the counterforce of the terrifying force, the beasts that rushed over began to vomit blood! The advantage in numbers was nothing compared to the strength of the Wild Bear.

Qiao Shi was lost for words as she watched the battle. She made a comparison. Even her pet beast, the Ancient Wind Chime, could not defeat the Wild Bear in a head-on confrontation. She wondered how Chu Feng trained his pet beasts. His Wild Bear was so powerful!

Qiao Shi doubted her ability. Even though she had read many books and dabbled in everything from ancient to modern times, she still could not understand why Chu Fengs Wild Bear was so powerful.

“Awooo!” The last extraordinary Level 2 beast died under the Wild Bears palm when it made its final strike.

The remains of these beasts gradually disappeared. An extremely pure energy descended from the sky. The Wild Bear and the Golden Books levels had increased to Level 3! Chu Feng discovered that the wild Bear seemed to have obtained more energy than the Golden Book.

“It seems that the rules of this ruin are that it will be able to advance by one level no matter how much energy the beast needs to advance its realm. But I wonder if we could challenge it multiple times.”

Chu Feng thought of the Mirage Worm in his beast space. If the Mirage Worm had reached the extraordinary level, it might be more powerful than the Wild Bear. Moreover, the Mirage Worms skills were suitable for group attacks.

“The Golden Book has reached the extraordinary Level 3!” The reward surprised Qiao Shi, but she didnt know that her companion, Chu Feng, was pondering about how to squeeze out the value of the ruin.

After reaching the third level, the environment of the ruins had also changed.

Qiao Shi and Chu Feng were both submerged in the water. The surrounding waves were strong and almost drowned them. Chu Feng checked and found that the depth of the water was about five meters.


The Wild Bear activated its transformation. The depth of the water was only as deep as its knee. The Golden Book floated on the water surface and didnt touch the water. Chu Feng felt helpless. With his current telekinesis power, he could not reach the level where he could float. Telekinesis power was a power that only a sovereign-level Beastmaster could use. As for Chu Feng, he was only at the extraordinary-level. He could not explain it to Qiao Shi if he used his telekinesis power.

Numerous aquatic beasts appeared in the water.

[Sharp-Toothed Fish (Illusory)]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 3]

[Bloodline: Advanced Extraordinary-Level]

[Talents: Mid-Level Water-Type Talent, Mid-Level Metal-Type Talent]

[Skills: 1. Sharp teeth, 2. Bite, 3. Fish Tail, 4. Slap]


[Sword Shark (Illusory)]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 3]

[Bloodline: Advance Extraordinary-Level]

[Talents: Mid-Level Water-Type Talent, Mid-Level Sharp Talent]

[ skills: 1. Sword Fins, 2. Water Fins, 3. Tear, 4. Slice]


[Two-Eyed Fish (Illusory)]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 3]

[Bloodline: Advanced Extraordinary-Level]

[Talents: Mid-Level Water-Type Talent, Mid-Level Illusionary Talent]

[Skills: 1. Water Flow, 2. Gaze, 3. Visual Light, 4. Water Mirage]

Apart from the water, there were also the Iron Eagles in the air. There was a total of 800 beasts!

Just as Chu Feng and Qiao Shi were calculating the numbers, these beasts ignored the Wild Bear and the Golden Book and charged straight towards the two of them. Chu Feng lifted his eyebrows. The beasts in the first two levels headed directly towards the pet beasts. However, their target at this level was the Beastmasters! The talent of Beastmasters was far inferior to that of a pet beast. Chu Feng thought he could pass the ruin in no time, but he didnt expect to encounter such a situation in the third level.

“Sure enough, it wont be that simple.”

He was still in the water, so it wasnt convenient for him to move around. It was indeed a great crisis. But compared to him, Qiao Shi was in a greater crisis. Qiao Shis physical fitness could only be considered average among extraordinary-level Beastmasters. The Ancient Wind Chime and the Golden Book werent living creatures. So they couldnt affect Qiao Shis level much.

Now, Qiao Shi was powerless facing the aquatic-type beasts rushing over and the iron eagle swooping down from the sky. Qiao Shi could not do anything no matter how many books she had read and how much knowledge she had accumulated.

Chu Feng sighed and stood in front of Qiao Shi. He reached out, carrying Qiao Shi horizontally and leaping over twenty meters. The Wild Bear carefully caught Chu Feng and placed the two on its shoulders. It glanced at the beasts around them as its gaze turned cold.


The Wild Bear would not allow anyone to harm Chu Feng!

It growled and immediately unleashed a ten times stronger wild domain. With a boom, the wild aura spread over a few hundred meters. The Wild Bear controlled all these domains, and its aura became more powerful.


It let out an incomparably furious roar, and its wild power instantly boiled. The surrounding space seemed to have become stagnant. A powerful pressure filled every inch of the domain. All the beasts within the wild domain area began to bleed as if the Wild Bear had ruthlessly attacked them.

The Wild Bear walked in the water, and every step it took caused enormous waves to surge! Each wave was like hidden blades attacking the aquatic-type beasts.


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