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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 22 - The Giant Elven Tree

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Chapter 22: The Giant Elven Tree

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Chu Feng was staggered to hear that, “The Giant Elven Tree”

Although Chu Fengs knowledge about the pet beast wasnt well-versed and knew just what the school taught him, he knew about the Giant Elven Tree. The Giant Elven Tree possessed the overlord-level bloodline, but the growth period of the Giant Elven Tree was extremely long, which could reach ten thousand years.

It would take at least forty years to nurture the Giant Elven Tree to its peak even in Chu Fengs SSS-rank beast space. The lifespan of a king-level Beastmaster was 300 years. If this king-level Beastmasters talent were an A-rank, it would only increase his growth speed by 32 times. He wouldnt be able to nurture the Giant Elven Tree to the overlord-level even if he used up his entire life.

The Giant Elven Tree had another well-known characteristic. That was that the overlord-level Giant Elven Tree could awaken an ability to nurture life. From then on, it could bear a ripe fruit every 100 years, and the fruits of the Giant Elven Tree produced elves.

Most elves had advanced king-level bloodline. Many Beastmasters wanted to nurture an elf as a pet beast. In Beastmaster World, even an elf could only be a pet beast. It would form a bond with the Beastmaster. The Giant Elven Trees ability to suppress the beast space wasnt eye-catching anymore compared to that.

Principal Gao smiled, “That king-level Beastmaster has a deep background. Ill negotiate with her first.”

After hanging up the phone, Chu Feng wondered what kind of person the Beastmaster with the Giant Elven Tree was.

Even a king-level Beastmaster wouldnt be able to possess a beast with an overload-level bloodline. Not to mention, that was a rarer Giant Elven Tree.


Principal Gao teleported to the Diming City Owners manor and strolled to the side hall.

A voice came from the side hall, “Come in.”

Only then did Principal Gao open the door to the side hall. In the spacious manor, a cold woman was painting on her canvas. Her attention was on her painting as if she hadnt noticed Principal Gaos arrival. She didnt stop painting even when Principle Gao walked into the hall.

Principal Gao did not say a word, afraid that he might disturb her. He quietly watched from the side. After a long while, the woman finished a hundred beasts painting. The painting revealed the evil aura of the hundred beasts. The beasts in the picture looked like they were about to turn into real beasts.

“Your painting skill is progressing at a godly speed,” Principal Gao praised.

The woman shook her head and sighed, “Painting something is not great. We can only use the blood of high-level beasts to revive the beasts in the picture. The gains do not make up for the losses.”

Principal Gao smiled, “However, you can use it to train your spirit.”

The woman still shook her head, “Its too extravagant.”

That answer left Principle Gao in a puzzle. He could not understand why someone as wealthy as her would care about how extravagant painting was

The woman in front of him was the daughter of the city owner of Diming City, Wan Wanqing. Ever since Wan Wanqing awakened her Beastmaster talent, she was a peerless genius. At the age of twenty-five, she had become a king-level Beastmaster. She was now an expert among king-level Beastmasters.

Wan Wanqing put down her paintbrush and said, “Old Man, why are you here”

She didnt have the slightest respect because Principal Gao had once secretly allowed their Wild Bears to mate. After knowing the truth, Wan Wanqing still treated Principal Gao as an elder, but she no longer had any respect for him. As an elder, what President Gao had done was disrespectful.

President Gao stroked his beard and said, “I recently trained an insect-type pet beast, and I want to get some leaves of the Giant Elven Tree...”

Wan Wanqing interrupted and exposed President Gaos lie, “Its not you who trained it, but your student, right”

President Gao had long reached the peak of king-level. He wouldnt have any handy resources to use unless he trained an overlord-level pet beast.

Principal Gao didnt deny it either, “He is indeed a student of mine.”

Wan Wanqing said, “Why dont you ask him to come over personally”

“He is only at the awakening-level. Im afraid its not appropriate for him to come here,” Principal Gao said helplessly, “how about I trade them with you”

“No! there is no need for that,” Wan Wanqing glanced at Principle Gao, “I can give them to you. The Giant Elven Tree has many leftover leaves every year. I can give you the supply for a year, but dont you come and annoy me anymore.”

Principal Gao heaved a sigh of relief, “Thank you.”

He thought to himself, “Chu Feng, Ive given up my dignity for you.”

Wan Wanqing said calmly, “But theres one condition. When your student reaches the king-level, ask him to come to me.”

Wan Wanqings request startled Principle Gao.

He said helplessly, “Youre not thinking of beating him up after he reaches the king-level, are you Dont be so stingy. Its my fault for what happened in the past, but arent the two Wild Bears living quite well now”

Wan Wanqing glanced at Principle Gao emotionlessly, and Principal Gao immediately shut his mouth up, not daring to say a word more.

Wan Wanqing said, “I want to see the student who can make you give up your dignity and ask for a favor from me. I wonder if he is outstanding.”

Principal Gao said nothing more as some of the memories in the past flashed through his mind. Wan Wanqing used to be his student, and Principal Gao taught her personally back then. Although Wan Wanqing was talented, President Gao didnt give her any special treatment. But now, President Gao came to Wan Wanqing personally to trade the Giant Elven Trees leaves for a student. That was something unusual.

President Gao had also thought of that, but then he thought about Chu Feng passing the heritage ruins. Chu Feng seemed to have more talent in him. After Principal Gao left, Wan Wanqing sunk her consciousness into the beast space.

She had a beast space, which was spacious. An ordinary king-level beast space was about ten thousand meters cube, but her beast space was fifty thousand meters cube. In the middle of the beast space was a huge tree that was several hundred meters tall, absorbing the spiritual energy in the surrounding.

Wan Wanqing said coldly, “I gave some of the leaves you cut to Principal Gao.”

The Giant Elven Tree shook slowly, making rustling sounds.

“Its been a long time. Its time to move on with it,” The Giant Elven Tree spoke in a low voice with a deep affinity.

Wan Wanqing said, “Its not that I dont know how things work. Im just a little angry that you didnt tell me. Thats why I am displeased.”

“Im sorry,” The Giant Elven Tree apologized in its deep voice.

Wan Wanqing said, “Im curious why would an insect-type pet need to be nurtured with the leaves of the Giant Elven Tree.”

The Giant Elven Tree said, “It should at least be an overlord-level bloodline pet beast, such as the Fire God Butterfly or Aqua Butterfly. It might even be the true overlord of the insect-type pet beast, the Mirage Butterfly. It needs leaves of at least my level to form the best nurturing effect whether it is in its larva or adult state.”

Wan Wanqing sighed, “Looks like the student of the old principal is not simple.”


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