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Chapter 20: Incubating Overlord-level Pet Beast

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Chu Feng pondered for a moment and activated the suppression ability of the beast space.

“Awoo” The Wild Bear was at a loss. It was thinking, “Boss, why are you attacking me Ive always been obedient!”

The Wild Bear didnt dare to use its skills and could only resist with great difficulty. The pressure on its body became heavier and heavier. The Wild Bear was so tired that it was panting heavily. Finally, the pressure on the Wild Bear stopped at a critical point. It wouldnt make the Wild Bear feel relaxed, nor would it cause the Wild Bear to collapse.

Chu Feng said in a low voice, “Looks like the beast space has the ability to train beasts to withstand the pressure.”

He felt that he had discovered a new function of the beast space, but what he didnt know was that other Bastmasters generally didnt dare to do so. This was because once something happened, the beast space would be directly damaged. Only Chu Feng dared to suppress the Wild Bear like this because the beast space was thousands of times more powerful than the same level.

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear was somewhat flustered. In the next second, the pressure on its body suddenly lessened.

Chu Feng said, “In the future when youre bored, you can carry out resistance training in the beast space. When you can easily resist the pressure of the beast space without using any skills, youll be able to complete the training.”

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear nodded obediently. This kind of resistance training was very beneficial to it. It wouldnt resist it. Moreover, even if it wanted to resist, it wouldnt be able to.

“Extraordinary-level Beastmaster...” Chu Feng explored the changes in his body. Other than his physique being influenced by the extraordinary-level Wild Bear and becoming stronger, there didnt seem to be any other changes.

“Eh” Chu Feng activated his willpower and a teapot on the table actually floated up.

His thoughts could actually materialize!

Chu Feng was pleasantly surprised. This was a technique that only a sovereign-level Beastmaster could master! Generally speaking, extraordinary-level Beastmasters could suppress their opponents through the beast space. As a sovereign-level Beastmaster, the power of the beast space could influence the outside world because it had already fused with their spiritual energy. As for the commander-level, the beast space even possessed vitality, and it could be viewed as a small world.

The teapot kept shaking. This meant that although Chu Fengs willpower could materialize, it was still very weak. He couldnt even lift a teapot. But Chu Feng believed that there was still room for him to grow in the future. There was absolutely no problem for him to beat a wild bear in its normal form. As for a wild bear using a skill For the time being, he didnt dare to dream about it!

Chu Fengs beast space was huge, so the room for his psychic power to grow was similarly huge. It was just that the degree of fusion was relatively low. Chu Feng sat on the sofa with a relaxed expression. He didnt even move as he turned on the television and turned it into his favorite show. Thats right, this was the use of psychic power in reality! It was very comfortable!

Chu Feng held the overlord-level pet beast egg and used the power of an extraordinary-level beast taming power to incubate it continuously. He could clearly sense the vague thoughts coming from the overlord-level pet beast egg.

“I want to get out...”

“The eggshell... I hate it...”


Chu Feng was suddenly shocked. A pet beast with an overlord-level bloodline could transmit thoughts even before it was born. Then he looked at the Wild Bear. Even if there was a connection between them via the beast space, communication was usually vague. It could only be clearly expressed when the wild body and the wild domain were used. Could this be the difference in intelligence

Chu Feng pondered for a moment and placed the overlord-level pet beast egg into the beast space. In the past, his beast space was at the awakening level and couldnt accommodate an overlord-level bloodline. But it was different now. He had already become extraordinary level. His extraordinary-level beast space could already accommodate this pet beast egg. Chu Feng could sense countless spatial energies frantically surging into the pet beast egg.

“Could this pet beast egg be a space type”

“A top-level spatial talent Or a super talent”

Chu Feng was filled with anticipation. Principal Gaos space type pet beast seemed to be an extremely ugly one, but it could easily traverse several hundred kilometers of space. Although Chu Feng appeared calm on the surface, he was actually quite envious in his heart. Apart from easily traversing through space, space type pet beasts usually possessed extremely powerful combat strength!

The Wild Bear approached the egg, its eyes filled with doubt. Could it be that this pet beast egg was about to hatch

Hatch Chu Fengs eyes lit up. He originally didnt know how the overlord-level pet beast egg was going to hatch.

That was because he had looked up a lot of information, but there were only a few records of the overlord-level. Chu Feng only knew that the growth cycle of an overlord-level beast would take about a thousand years, so it would probably take a very long time for the pet beast egg to hatch.

Chu Feng looked expectantly at the overlord-level pet beast egg lying in the beast space, continuously absorbing a large amount of spatial energy. Suddenly, ripples spread out.

“Awoo –”

The Wild Bear seemed to have sensed something and happily surrounded the pet beast egg.

This overlord-level pet beast egg seemed to have reached a certain limit...

Crack! A fissure appeared on the eggshell!

After the first fissure, the number of fissures continued to increase. But as the number of fissures on the eggshell increased, the surrounding space also began to crack!

Chu Fengs expression suddenly changed. “Could it be that this pet beast egg wants to tear down my beast space”

He felt rather helpless. Was this an overlord-level pet beast It was only a newborn, yet it was still so terrifying

However, he quickly became calm. Since the beast space could accommodate it, it meant that there was no problem. Under his expectant gaze, a small head emerged from the shattered pet beast egg.

[Mirage Worm]

[Level: Level 1 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced overlord]

[Talent — ]

[1. Super spatial talent Level 1(0/200)]

[2. Super spiritual talent Level 1(0/200)]

[3. Top-level illusionary talent Level 1(0/100)]

[Skills — ]

[1. Virtual reality plus Level 1: Top-level skill, creates an illusion where fantasy and reality are mixed. (0/50)]

[2. Space collapse Level 1: Top-level skill, collapses space within a certain range. (0/50)]

[3. Space blade Level 1: Top-level skill, forms an extremely sharp space blade. (0/50)]

[4. Space domain Level 1: super skill, controls the surrounding space and forms a closed domain. (0/100)]

[5. Spiritual domain Level 1: super skill, disperses spiritual energy and forms a sealed domain. (0/100)]

“Meow Meow!”

The Mirage Worm drilled out of the broken eggshell. It looked transparent and its shape was very open. Its head was one-third the size of its entire body. It first ate the eggshell and then began to look around, as if looking for something.

“Meow Meow!” Following a soft cry, the Mirage Worm began to cry!

Chu Fengs heart softened and he immediately summoned it.

“Meow Meow~!”

The Mirage Worm saw Chu Feng and immediately burst into laughter. It burrowed into Chu Fengs arms.


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