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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 15 - Clearing the Ruins

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Chapter 15: Clearing the Ruins

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Principal Gao sighed. “Its a long story...”

He told the Wild Bear King about how Chu Feng had easily cleared the stages. The Wild Bear King was also silent. It even began to suspect whether the Wild Bear was its biological son Was the wild bear race that powerful

“For the tenth stage of the heritage ruins, the challenger needs to win over a level 1 extraordinary Rock Behemoth. There are tens of thousands of challengers, but only one has cleared it.” Principal Gao sighed. “I wonder if that fellow Chu Feng will have the chance to clear the challenge.”

The Wild Bear King said, “Regardless of whether they can clear or not, they are still too young. They could take the challenge the next time.”

Principal Gao laughed meaningfully. “If there is a genius who can clear the heritage ruins, our Diming high school year 3 will become famous!”

The Wild Bear King shook its head. “Arent you worried that he will die Even if he clears the stage, we cant make a big deal out of it. The beast overlords of the outer realms wished that humans would have no successors and that the human race will completely decline!”

Principal Gao was silent. The current situation of the humans wasnt too optimistic.

“We shall discuss this after he clears the stage.” Principal Gao said and he became quiet.


Chu Feng looked at the extraordinary-level Rock Behemoth in front of him and also fell silent. The Wild Bear was indeed powerful. Once it went all out, it might even be able to kill the extraordinary level in an instant. However, the extraordinary level was a different ballgame.

The Wild Bear could instantly kill an elementary or even mid-level level 1 extraordinary beast without any difficulty. However, the Rock Behemoth in front of him was not one of them. Although they were of the same level, they were still one realm ahead. Chu Feng quietly began to think of a countermeasure.

“Why dont I let the Wild Bear use the wild crystal first” The thought came into his mind but Chu Feng quickly rejected this idea, “Even if it takes a day or two to digest, after using it, the Wild Bear will become extraordinary level. It will be expelled from the awakening level, and then the challenge will fail.”

Chu Feng continued to think of many ways, but none of them was of any use.

“Awooo!” In the beast space, the Wild Bear woke up and began to eat the sweet honey. After eating, the Wild Bear patted its belly, indicating that Chu Feng could release it. The current Wild Bear was full of strength! Chu Feng used his mind power and released the Wild Bear.

[Wild Bear]

[Level: Level 7 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced king]

[Talent: Top-level strength talent Level 1, top-level defense talent Level 1, high-level speed talent Level 1]

[Skills: Great strength Level 10, giant transformation Level 10, wild body Level 5, wild domain Level 4]

The current Wild Bear was already at level 7 awakening and was much stronger than before. Very soon, Chu Feng discovered something.

“When the Wild Bear fully unleashed its power, it will increase by thirty times. Now, it has also increased by a level. With a thirty-fold increase, raising a level is a very scary thing...” Chu Fengs eyes lit up, now that the Wild Bear had awakened to level 7, it could win even if it fought against a level 1 extraordinary beast!

[The challenge begins.]

“Awoo!” The Little Wild Bear was full of fighting spirit. It had transformed ten times bigger! Ten times more powerful! Five times wild body! Four times wild domain! In addition to its strength, it had a terrifying increase of thirty times!

The Wild Bear took a deep breath. It felt that it was now truly invincible! Wild Bear looked down at the Rock Behemoth from above.

With a clicking sound, the Rock Behemoth stood up abruptly. Its body expanded to an exaggerated size, and it was even taller than the giant Wild Bear! Wild Bear felt a sense of oppression, but there was no hint of fear in its eyes. The two domains continued to clash, and no one was willing to back down. Just the confrontation in the field of momentum alone was already filled with pressure!

Boom! There was a loud boom!


The Wild Bear pounced over and attacked with its fists and legs! The terrifying brute force was so strong that even the level 1 extraordinary Rock Behemoth was unable to breathe!

Chu Fengs eyes lit up. It seemed there was hope!


The Rock Behemoth let out a low growl as anger flashed through its eyes. The current Rock Behemoth seemed to truly possess intelligence. It slammed its head forward and sent the Wild Bear flying!


The Wild Bear was immediately enraged! The Rock Behemoths body began to crack under the onslaught of the savage aura. However, every time the Rock Behemoth bit and stomped on it, the Wild Bear would also be injured!

Chu Fengs heart tightened when he saw such a brutal battle. He wasnt sure if Wild Bear would win.

Blood and rocks were scattered all over the ground. The scene was a complete mess.


The Wild Bears heart was filled with ruthlessness as it fiercely smashed towards the Rock Behemoth! The attack, which had condensed all its strength and power, caused the Rock Behemoths entire body to burst apart. The Rock Behemoth wanted to counterattack before dying and cause damage to the Wild Bear!

Chu Feng was greatly shocked. Could it be that the final result was a draw He wondered how the challenge space would judge if they were to perish together Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows, because he saw a smug look on the Wild Bears face! It was wild domain!

The Rock Behemoths eyes became dazed and in its line of vision, it appeared that there were many Wild Bears. Its last attack had missed! The Rock Behemoth, which had lost its target, crashed into the wall of the challenge space. Its body gradually shattered and turned into spots of light.

In the viewing area.

[There are three challengers.]

[One awakening-level, one extraordinary-level, one king-level]

[Challenger No. 80002 has cleared the tenth stage!]

Sheng Nana was stunned. “He cleared the tenth stage”

She couldnt believe her eyes. Chu Feng had cleared the tenth stage of the awakening level after becoming a Beastmaster Only one person had cleared the level since the heritage ruins existed! And the person who had cleared the level wasnt from the current era, but someone from the previous era!

“Chu Feng is too amazing!” Li Siyu praised in a low voice. Her face was slightly red, and her eyes were sparkling. Chu Fengs actions of clearing the awakening stage of the heritage ruins had completely surpassed Li Siyus understanding! He was so handsome and so capable. Chu Feng was simply too perfect.

“Old Bear!” Principal Gaos voice rang out in the vast beast space.

The Wild Bear King was very impatient. “Old man, whats the matter now”

“Chu Feng has cleared the tenth stage!” Principal Gao was extremely excited. Even his beard was trembling!

The Wild Bear King was silent. Chu Feng and the little Wild Bear had cleared the awakening stage of the heritage ruins together Was this for real

It said in a low voice, “Ill go ask my partner if the little Wild Bear is my biological son...”

It truly couldnt believe that its son of the wild bear race was so outstanding! The Wild Bear King didnt think that the wild bear race would be able to clear the tenth stage.


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