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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 12 - Simple Torture

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Chapter 12: Simple Torture

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“Wild Bear, great strength!” Chu Feng remained calm as he gave the command.

No matter how fierce the eagle was, one punch will do the trick!

The Wild Bear went forward and re-enacted the scene of the first two stages.


[The fourth stage, begin.]


Ruins, viewing area.

[There are seven challengers.]

[One awakening level, three extraordinary levels and two sovereign levels.]

[Challenger No. 80002 has cleared the third stage.]

Principal Gao looked at the screen in front of him and was speechless. Chu Feng had only entered the challenge for a short period, but he had already cleared the fourth stage

“His Wild Bear should only be at level 6 awakening. How could it defeat a level 10 awakening beast in such a short period Moreover, it was a pet beast with sovereign-level bloodline.”

Principal Gao had personally groomed a Wild Bear King, so he was very familiar with wild bears. How could he not realize that the Wild Bear was so powerful in the past Even if it could win, it should have used all its strength and skills to win with great difficulty. He had never thought that Chu Feng would clear the stage so quickly.

“This kid probably hid his true ability!”

“But the fourth stage is different. A commander-level bloodline pet beast with level 10 extraordinary isnt so easy to deal with.”

Principal Gao thought for a moment and suddenly laughed while stroking his beard. He was looking forward to seeing Chu Feng suffer a loss.

At the same time, in the challenge space, Chu Feng thought to himself, “As expected, its an elementary commander-level bloodline.”

[Nether King Tiger (illusory)]

[Level: Level 10 awakening]

[Bloodline: Elementary commander]

[Talent: Top-level netherworld talent]

[Skills: 1. Ghost companion, 2. Ghostly aura, 3. Phantasm, 4. Deterrence]

Chu Feng glanced at Nether King Tigers panel. Compared to a sovereign-level bloodline, an elementary commander-level bloodline like Nether King Tiger possessed a top-level talent. He exhaled a breath of air. The difference in levels was obvious. The appearance of the Nether King Tiger had indeed made him feel pressurised.

“Wild Bear! Great transform! Then use your great strength!” Chu Feng felt that the Nether King Tiger in front of him was worthy enough for Wild Bear to use more of its strength.


The Wild Bear was also extremely excited. It knew that after getting the enhancement points, its skills had become much stronger. However, it didnt have a clear idea of how much stronger it was. After all, there was no way to use it in the beast space because it would be beaten up. The Nether King Tiger in front of it was undoubtedly the best opponent to test its power!


The little Wild Bears body instantly expanded to ten meters. Even though it was still young, it gave off an oppressive aura. The Wild Bear used its palm and slammed down!

The Nether King Tiger summoned its ghost companion to protect itself. It also used all of its other skills to try and block the Wild Bears terrifying attacks. However, it was obvious that all of these were useless!

Under the Wild Bears indomitable strength, even the commander-level bloodline Nether King Tiger couldnt withstand a single move!


[The fifth stage, begin.]

“Awooo~!” The little Wild Bear felt that it hadnt had enough fun yet. The moment Wild Bear touched the Nether King Tiger, the latter immediately disappeared This made it feel as if it was beating cotton!

Chu Feng smiled helplessly. Great transformation coupled with great strength had increased Wild Bears strength by twenty times! Defeating the Nether King Tiger was indeed a simple feat because the difference in abilities was simply too great!

[Nether Spirit Hound (illusory)]

[Level: Level 10 awakening]

[Bloodline: Moderate commander]

[Talent: Top-level netherworld talent]

[Skills: 1. Berserk, 2. Ghostly aura, 3. Phantasm, 4. Netherclaw]


The Wild Bear rushed over and instantly transformed to a size ten times greater than before, with ten times more strength!

It could sense that the Nether Spirit Hound in front of it was much stronger than the Nether King Tiger just now. It yearned to have more playtime with the Nether Spirit Hound!

Bang! Wild Bears fist smashed towards the Nether Spirit Hound. The latters body exuded a dense ghostly aura and it used all of its skills to fiercely counter the attack!

There was a backlash of a large amount of the netherworld aura! In just one moment, the Nether Spirit Hound mobilised its highest combat strength, but it still could not withstand Wild Bears first attack!

Seeing the Nether Spirit Hound disappear, the Wild Bear returned to its original size with a bored expression.


[The sixth stage, begin.]

Chu Feng was helpless. “Is it that boring”

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear nodded repeatedly! It was truly boring! The punch just now had only made it feel that the Nether Spirit Hound was slightly more powerful than the Nether King Tiger, but it was still too weak for it.

Chu Feng smiled. The Wild Bear had used both level 10 great transformation and level 10 great strength at the same time. It had instantly unleashed 20 times his strength. Such a terrifying explosion was simply impossible for a level 10 awakening beast to withstand. Even if the Wild Bear was only at level 6 awakening, it could easily crush a level 10 awakening beast! The difference in bloodline couldnt make up for the difference in strength! Even a commander-level beast could be killed in an instant!

[Dark Fox]

[Level: Level 10 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced commander]

[Talent: Top-level netherworld talent]

[Skills: 1. Nether eye, 2. Soul, 3. Ghost, 4. Netherworld aura]

Wild Bear felt even more bored. The opponent this time was too small! After Wild Bear had transformed ten times its original size, defeating its opponent was as easy as hitting a mosquito! As expected, the opponent this time also didnt receive a single punch from him!

“Awooo!” The power of the Wild Bear!


[The seventh stage, begin.]

Ruins, viewing area.

Principal Gao stared blankly at the screen. Chu Feng had cleared the stages with ease and had swiftly arrived at the seventh stage! He was somewhat shocked. Chu Feng was clearing the stages at a rapid rate! A commander-level bloodline beast with level 10 awakening was killed within seconds

Principal Gao was somewhat doubtful of what he was witnessing. Was Chu Feng raising the same type of pet beast as him

“Old Bear, are you sure that Chu Fengs little Wild Bear is your biological son” Principal Gao couldnt help but ask.

The Wild Bear King: “Scram!”

Principal Gao stroked his beard. Why was there such a huge difference between father and son

[There are four challengers.]

[One awakening level, one extraordinary level and two sovereign levels.]

[Challenger No. 80002 has cleared the sixth stage.]

At this moment, the stone door to the extraordinary challenge zone opened. Li Siyu and Sheng Nana were sent out.

Li Siyu asked, “Im at the sixth stage. What about you”

Sheng Nana said, “Me too. The sixth stage is too difficult.”

Li Siyu agreed. “Level 10 extraordinarys growth level, advanced commander-level bloodline. Even if I use my beast tamer talent to the extreme, theres nothing I can do.”

Sheng Nana couldnt help but sigh. “Maybe the sixth stage is our limit. When I was at the awakening level, I stopped at the sixth stage. I couldnt get through it no matter what.”

Li Siyu nodded. When she saw Principal Gao in the viewing area, she could not help but rub her nose. “Principal Gao, we failed.”

Principal Gao nodded in acknowledgement and asked them to come over to watch the battle.

[There are four challengers.]

[One awakening-level, one extraordinary-level and two sovereign-levels.]

[Challenger No. 80002 has cleared the seventh stage.]


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