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Chapter 1686

The quiet city was roaring with noise.

It was due to the blue light that shone around Mirs body.

The white snow pouring down burned out without touching the ground, leaving only a bit of moisture behind.

Additionally, the area where the electricity spread grew larger each time.

It felt like Mir himself was gradually becoming bigger.

It was the effect of Lightning God.

Mirs body was completely assimilated with the energy of the Blue Dragon and became made up of lightning, not bones and flesh.

He was truly a god.

The sound wasnt heard until after the action was over.

Grid was already under attack by the time the lightning seemed to flash.

It was a surprise attack from the Lightning God who literallypierced through the camp of more than 300 God Hands.

The Blue Dragon Dao, which stretched out like an incandescent long line, was blocked by a white beam of light.

It was the traces of the enhanced Magic Missile that Grid hurriedly fired.

Lightning God was immune to all physical attacks, but was vulnerable to magic attacks.

It couldnt resist magic at all and suffered twice as much damage.

However, the power of Magic Missile itself was low.

This prevented it from damaging Mir, but it was significant because it blocked Mirs attack.


Wasnt it absurd when a ridiculous magic became the barrier that stopped a gods advance

Mir was startled and his next move didnt connect.

It was a gap of less than 0.1 seconds.

Grid could take full advantage of that time.

Twilight soared through the gaps in the fragments of the Magic Missiles that collided with the Blue Dragon Dao and scattered.

It was a blow that soared in a diagonal line.

Then it moved in a lateral line the moment it reached the target.

It was a feast of lines that seemed to go on infinitely, the Link sword dance.


Mirs expression that could be seen between the blue lights that shook every time the sword wind swept over it was calm.

He searched for Grids gaps with the confidence that he wouldnt be cut by the sword.

It was just before Grid recovered the Twilight that had been extended.

He wielded the Blue Dragon Dao the moment Grids ribs were clearly visible.

Seeing through the weak spot.

An attack there would induce a critical hit.

However, it stopped just before reaching Grid.

The lightning that was making up Mirs body dissipated without a trace.

It was due to Twilight.

It was an inevitable result.

Lightning God was the power of the Blue Dragon and Twilight had a high probability of neutralizing the power of a target.

It was Mirs mistake in neglecting the dozens of sword strikes of Link.

The moment the Lightning God body was released, Mir received a large cut to his shoulder and immediately pulled up the power of the Red Phoenix.

The deep wounds were healed by the heat of the Red Phoenix and a rain of flames poured down from the sky.

Grid was naturally the target.


Mir was about to cooperate with the rain of flames, only to stiffen like a stone statue.

The flames that reached Grid didnt burn him but instead burned his wounds.

The other nobles clearly witnessed the sight of the small traces Mirs lightning left on Grids body disappearing without a trace.

“The heart of the Red Phoenix...” Mir muttered after realizing the reason.

Grids head was tilted at an angle.

His sharp eyes, which were like a bird of prey, became even fierce as he looked at Mir, who was a bit taller than himself.

He realized that the scar he had left on Mirs face in the past was no longer there.

“As expected, you are a fake.”

Dont hesitate and lets kill him...


A chill went down Mirs spine at Grids words and he leapt forward.

The ground on which he had been standing rushed like waves.

It was the effect of Earth God.

The ground, which turned to mud due to the snow melted down by the lightning and flames, changed shape in response to Mirs will.

He rotated 180 degrees, flipping Grids view upside down and pouring out sharp stones.

Was this how it felt to be surrounded by giants The cliffs that soared from side to side pressed down toward Grid.

Grid swapped items.

He took off the armor bearing a dragons name for the first time in ages and equipped the armor bearing the name of the White Tiger.

He activated the effect of Earth God and calmed the trembling ground.

Mirs attempt was unsuccessful.

“The Mir I knew didnt rely on the power of the Four Gods.”

Mastering the power of the Four Auspicious Beasts perfectly—it was Mirs greatest strength.

However, the reason why Grid felt awall when fighting Mir was due to his swordsmanship and other techniques.

Even if Baals magic power was infinite, would he have been so strong if he just wielded his magic power Baal was strong for countless reasons and it was the same with Mir.

However, todays Mir was different from the past.

He neglected his skills as if he had forgotten them and only relied on the powers of the Four Gods.

He was now fighting against Grid, who knew how to deal with the power of the Four Gods.

“No matter how much I think about it, you arent Mir.

There is no way a guy with an empty head like you is Mir.”

Grids words and actions became violent.

It was natural.

It was difficult for his words to come out beautifully from the time he was suddenly attacked.

There was also a creepy hypothesis that made him feel uncomfortable.

The yangban were existences made by Hanul.

It wasnt strange if the old Mir was wiped out without anyone knowing and a new Mir was created...

Grid thought up to this point and his expression gradually distorted with anger.

“You started from a human life and can admit that you arent perfect.

To you, it isnt shameful, but is natural.

I have no doubt that you will be reborn as an alarm for the other gods.

You will probably change many things in the future.”

“You are my hope.”

“I hope the gods can be an existence to truly rely on.”

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“We might be enemies when we meet again in the future.

Putting aside my support for you in my heart, the authority to move me is usually with the god I serve.”

“However, today I am on your side.”

Grid was reminded of Mirs previous words.

He stood protecting Grid and honestly confessed his true feelings in his heart as if he thought he might die.

The reunion of this moment would take place after that day.

Mir wouldnt stare at him with this expression unless he forgot what happened that day.

Grid took a deep breath, barely held back his vomit, and opened his mouth, “The Mir I know… where is Mir”

There was no more mercy.

Grid struck Mir, who had ignored the question and entered the Lightning God state again.

He approached using Shunpo while using the six fusion sword dance with Twilight, which invalidated the effect of Lightning God and made it difficult for Mir.

The image of Mir being caught by the grappling technique and thrown to the ground made Grid realize it.

As expected, this person wasnt Mir.

If this was the real Mir, then Grid would be the one thrown to the ground right now.

Grid gritted his teeth.

Once again, he was swallowing his vomit.

From birth until now—Grid felt pity for Mir, who had devoted at least hundreds of years to the gods of the Hwan Kingdom only to be abandoned.

He felt dizzy and his stomach was churning because the gods of the Hwan Kingdom were so disgusting.

“The world is full of sons of b*tches!” Grid shouted as he pressed his knee against Mirs solar plexus while holding his sword in reverse.

The killing intent that came from confusion and anger were pouring toward the fake Mir.

Mir didnt resist.

From the moment he was hit by the six fusion sword dance, he had been bound by hundreds of God Hands.

Furthermore, he was beaten and held down by Grid.

Now he had reaffirmed that it was meaningless to assimilate with the energy of the Blue Dragon.

The only way he could overcome the crisis was to use the White Tigers energy to strengthen his body.

Of course, even this was likely to mean nothing.

The sword with the sunset had already cut off the power of the Four Auspicious Beasts several times.

What god is he

Mir had his memories erased by the gods of the Hwan Kingdom.

As a side effect, he lost the experience he had accumulated over the years and Grid was a completely unknown being to him.

He thought of the famous Crazy God and Crazy Dragon based on the armed dragon weapon and dragon armor, but it was only for a moment.

It was because Crazy God and Crazy Dragon was a myth that was only completed when the Overgeared God boarded a dragon.

Additionally, the presence in front of him was much stronger than the Crazy God and Crazy Dragon depicted by the three masters.


who are you” Mir asked as if he was vomiting hard.

Grid crushed him every harder as he struggled to shake off the approaching Twilight and replied, “The one who remembers the real Mir.”

To be precise, he was the one who remembered Mirs true feelings.

The true feelings that no one would know in the future.

Grid used Saleos Power.

He held onto the blade of Twilight with both hands as Twilight was slowly moved toward Mirs neck.

He found out that Mir was a fake, so there was no reason to hesitate.

He judged that killing Mir quickly and recovering the Blue Dragon Dao was beneficial to his mental health.

Just then—

“Stop!” A womans urgent cry was heard.

Her name was Yeum and she ran out from among the yangbans who were in a daze.

She was Mirs close confidante that Grid knew.

“He is the real Mir...!”


“He was taken away by the three masters and his memory was erased.

He isnt a fake!”

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The person who was really shocked was Mir, not Grid.

How far did his thoughts go after he heard Yeums confession He made a sad expression and released the strength from the hand that was holding the blade of Twilight away from his body.


Yeums eyes widened and she swallowed down her scream.

She clearly captured the scene of the sunset sword penetrating Mirs neck, which was lying on top of the mud.

Liquid where it wasnt known if it was mud or blood scattered in all directions.


Ahhh...” Yeum sank down to the ground.

She sobbed while feeling sorry for her brother who had died with the loss of his precious memories.

The yangbans standing silently on the tiled roof left immediately.

They ran away out of fear they would be caught up in Grids anger.

“Is there a way to bring back this friends memory” Grid asked Yeum, who was left here alone.

Twilight hadnt pierced Mirs neck.

It only slightly brushed against Mirs neck and was stuck in the ground.

Mir couldnt refuse the hug of Yeum, who rushed over to him with relief, and muttered with a stunned face, “Fri...end”

A smile slowly spread on Grids face as he spoke bluntly, “To be precise, you were my lifesaver, although I just cleared my debt.

In any case, give me the Blue Dragon Dao first.”

He couldnt hide his joy after knowing that the Mir in front of him was the same as the Mir he knew.

[Mir has handed over theBlue Dragon Dao to you.]

Mirs memory loss ultimately worked in Grids favor.

He easily secured the Blue Dragon Dao, which wouldnt have been handed over so easily if it was the original Mir due to his sense of duty.

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