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Chapter 1681


[Rating: Myth (Growth Type)

Durability: Infinite Attack Power: 34,290

The attack skill usage speed will increase by 60%.

The power of attack skills will increase by 460%.

The absolute hit rate will increase by 50%.

There is a high probability of causingblindness to the target with every attack.

Every time an attack is blocked with the weapon, there is a high probability of causingbewitchment to the target.

There is an 85% chance of neutralizing the targets defense skills, magic and powers.

Additional attack power is applied against great demons, archangels, gods, and dragons.

In dark places, the attack power of the weapon is increased by 80%.

In bright places, there is a normal probability of hiding the weapon.

If the weapon is hidden, the target has a high probability of failing to recognize the attack.

Can bind up to three magics or skills.

There are no rating restrictions.

However, there is a probability of failure.

A sword made by the Overgeared God after smelting the fang of Evil Dragon Bunhelier.

It possesses the divinity of the Overgeared World.

It will shine as the twilight that declares an end to the enemy and the dawn of hope for allies.

Wearing Conditions: Grid, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Knight.

Weight: 2,950]

A sword that would be recorded in the mythology for its power that was as great as its beauty—the new dragon weapon seemed to contain the sunset and was beautiful from any angle.

He was so happy just looking at it that he didnt even know that time was passing.

Twilight and Dawn...

it wouldve been nice if Kraugel\'s dragon weapon was called Dawn.

Twilight and Dawn—what a perfect match.

In fact, Kraugels dragon weapon shone a bit brighter.

Dawn suited it.

However, the system identified the two dragon weapons asTwilight. It was natural since it had the same form and intentions.

The two swords were twins.

It was the same weapon that Grid and Kraugel discussed and designed together.

Of course, the material was different.

Therefore, there were some differences in the production method.

Grids Twilight omitted the folding process.

It was because Bunheliers fang itself was a complete material.

There was no need to remove impurities or strengthen it.

If the forging was carried out more than necessary, there was a great concern that the pure properties of the material would be ruined.

On the other hand, Xenons scale was somewhat lacking.

It was lacking when compared to Bunheliers fang, so Grid felt the need to forge Xenons scale to perform as close to Bunheliers fang as possible.

It was because this was the way to repay Kraugel for giving him White Fang.

Thus, he tried thousands of folds.

As a result, a wonderful work was born.

Kraugels Twilight was comparable to Grids Twilight, which transcended Hexetias Sword Short and was even judged to be agrowth type, and it was a divine sword among divine swords that was remarkable when compared to Cranbels Horn.

Simply put, Grids Twilight was a downgraded version of it.

Of course, once Grids Twilight evolved into the only one rating, the difference between them could widen by two or three stages, but...

In any case, it was a huge result considering the quality of the material.

It meant that Grids techniques and Kraugels ability to envision the sword were that good.

I want to carry him in my pocket.

It would be a big help if he could keep this person next to him to give advice every time he made an item...

Valhallas gorget and Xenons scales placed around the heart—Grid touched the notches that Kraugel had personally carved into it for him and felt the desire to use the Sword Saint for personal use.

Kraugel knew the characteristics of the weapon called the sword and the characteristics of most swordsmanship.

The pattern carved into the scales by him wasnt deep, but fluid.

It exerted the performance of a sword breaker.

Outwardly, Twilight was like a pure work of art, but in reality, it was a weapon with terrifying power.


The dragon scales varied in size depending on the area they were from.

Among them, the scales that Xenon gave as a gift were from the area around the dragon heart so they were larger and thicker.

The quantity was just enough to make Kraugels sword and put it on Valhallas neck, chest, and thigh.

For convenience, the thigh protector that spread out like a short skirt had become a bit ornate.

The dragon scale was such a luxurious material that it looked like a coat made of gray silk attached to the armor.

“I am the heavenly demon,” Grid murmured in a low voice as he was engrossed in watching himself in the mirror.

It was a line in martial arts novels that he often listened to when jogging.

“What is a heavenly demon, nyang” Noe suddenly appeared and asked.

The embarrassed Grid coughed and changed the subject.

“Did you finish your training well today”

“Of course, nyang.”

“I thought you would have a hard time, but youre doing pretty well.”

“My charisma is so amazing, nyang.

The kids are stirred and followed suit, nyang.”

The dozens of memphis suffering due to Baal were saved by Betty and Agnus.

Betty healed their wounds.

Of course, she couldnt heal the wounds in their hearts.

Apart from three memphis, who were somehow comforted by Agnus clumsy comfort, the remaining memphis scattered and hid in hell.

It was with the determination that they would surely get revenge on Baal one day.

Excluding them, the three memphis followed Betty and Agnus to the surface.

No matter how much Agnus cursed at them to go away, two of them, with the exception of one, stuck to him like gum and settled in Reinhardt.

The environment was too difficult for them to live in the Tower of Wisdom and Noe seemed to like it a lot.

“I see.

Im glad the children are good.”

“It isnt that theyre good.

It is that my charisma is amazing!”

Based on the way he is so sensitive, it is clear that things didnt go well.

Noe was very young compared to the memphis who were rescued from hell.

Noe himself claimed that he was educating the memphis to adapt to human society, but from the sidelines, it seemed like the memphis didnt listen to Noe.

The age difference was so severe that they treated him like the youngest son.

Grid clearly noticed this and stroked Noes round head.

“Yes, our Noe is great.”

“O-Of course nyang.


Randy looked with pity at Noe, who was puffing out his chest.

“Lets depart.” Grid made up his mind and moved to the hell elevator.

Yura was contacted in advance and was waiting in front of the elevator.

“Are you sure it is okay” Yura didnt look very happy.

There was no guarantee that Grid could fight Baal and win.

In fact, Grids face was also stiff with tension.

There was no Bunhelier by his side this time.

Could Nefelina, the newly created dragon weapon, and the reinforced Valhalla fill the vacancy of Bunhelier At the time of the fierce battle between Baal and Grid, it was true that the help of the Breath, which Bunhelier frequently shot, was huge.

Baal had to respond to the Breaths and thanks to this, Grid aimed for the gaps he revealed.

This time, Grid had to fight alone.

It would be a defeat if the six fusion sword dance couldnt hit.

“I have to try and challenge it.

If I cant do it, then Ill just escape.”

In fact, Grid had many options.

He could go to the East Continent and unseal the Blue Dragon and White Tiger, or he could go to the No Offspring Tomb to promote his growth.

However, he wanted to believe in the effects of Twilight.

There was a high hit rate correction effect.

He was convinced that he could kill Baal on his own if he used his items properly.

Most of all, he didnt want to give Baal time to recover.

“Okay.” Yura listened to Grids insistence.

She was always obedient to Grid.

The cold-blooded personality that once earned her the nicknameWitch was mostly applied to others except for Grid.

This didnt mean she was rude to everyone.

She only heard the question about whether she had a personality problem a few times in her life.

Even that was mostly heard from Jishuka.

Therefore, Yura was surprisingly proud of her personality.

The elevator carrying Grid, Yura, and Nefelina soon arrived in hell.

There was a loud pulley sound and the bloody landscape of hell unfolded beyond the crack of the doors that opened.

It was no different from when he came down a fortnight ago, except there was no forced teleportation.

Even Baal would be burdened when maintaining such great magic all the time.

As if to laugh at Grids thoughts—


The moment Grid stepped out of the elevator, the magic circle hidden under the dirt was triggered.

[You have been forcibly transferred to the 2nd Hell.]


The scenery seen by Grids party changed in an instant.

The world was made up of pure white marble with endless land and towering mountains.

It was too white to be hell and too cold and eerie to be heaven.

-Overgeared God.

You have come to accept my offer and make a blood oath.

I have watched your performance with great interest.

Rattle, rattle, rattle...

A womans voice was heard along with the faint sound of chains.

At the center of the white world was Amoract.

Her entire body was bound with intricately stretched chains that hung like thorny vines that had been neglected for hundreds of years.

Her body was like the body of a human woman, while her face was covered by cloth.

[The Great Demon of Conflict, Amoract, has appeared.]


Amoract didnt invite me

...What if Baal knew that Amoract was trying to make contact with me

It was 100% a trap.

A chill went down Grids spine when he realized it and Amoract also read the hint.

In line with her movements of hurriedly swinging her hands, the chains rushed out like waves and stretched out in all directions.

It was an extraordinary sight.

Her gestures created a chain barrier that formed a complex structure like snow crystals.

-Child, take the Overgeared God and get away.

It happened as Amoract sent a whisper to Yura...

A crack occurred in the white world.

It was due to a huge spear that slipped through the chains.

““Amoract, I didnt expect you to crawl out of the castle.

It is a harvest beyond expectations.””

He mustve been pretty nervous.

A demon who slowly raised his body while using the spear as a support.

Grid thought it was Baal due to the thrilling presence he gave off, but it was different.

The one looking back at Grid and smiling had the nameAsura.

-Baal, the lunatic who pursues only destruction, is seeking to destroy even the last order of hell.

“”You are too good at proclaiming yourself as order.””


Grids eyes widened.

It was because he heard Baals voice overlapping several times with Asuras voice.

It was too alike to say that it was simply similar.

It wasnt an illusion.

Grid had been stuck in the smithy for the last fortnight and he had replayed the battle against Baal hundreds of times.

Baals voice naturally lingered in his head every time and was clearly imprinted in his mind.


what are you”

“”A god.””

Darkness spread around Asura.

The white world was blackened in an instant.

“It is an evil god.”


The lunatic who dared to claim to be the God of the Beginning leaped forward.

The movement of narrowing the distance to Grid and stabbing the spear was completed with one breath.

The attack that broke through the complex barrier of chains was too swift to say that there was any waste in the actions.

Grid narrowly read it with his artificial senses and responded by swinging his sword.

The orange divinity, which had become clearer due to the darkness that colored the world, was divided between his body and Twilight.

It was a scene as if the sunset was divided into two parts and was separated.


Asuras expression changed.

It was easy to infer the meaning of his expression due to his clear features.

It looked like he was saying,Isnt this different from what I heard

Twilight slowly pushed back Asuras huge spear.

At this point, Asura grasped the situation.

“”A dragon weapon that gets stronger in the darkness Did you anticipate and prepare for my birth””

It seems the prototype of the hell moon and my fragments provided some clues.

Asura had a bitter smile and took back the darkness.

The world brightened again.

After all, this was hell and Asura was the evil god.

He was strong with or without the presence of darkness.

Asura confirmed that the glow of Twilight faded in the world that had turned white and stretched out his spear like a flash of lightning.


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Asuras expression changed again.

It seemed to be saying,Is this even possible

A blurred Twilight was cutting at his shoulder.

“”...I failed again.””

Asura frowned and his face and neck swelled as if he was about to explode.

Soon after, he made the sound of a pig as he threw up something—Baal.

As a result, Asura became only a shell and slowly turned to ash, scattering throughout hell.

These fragments would be re-established in the shadows of demons and demonic creatures.

“That was the worst failure ever, so erase it from your memory.”

Baal shook his head and held his demon sword.

In an instant, the enlarged demon sword dug into Grids neck.

However, it was Baal who was cut first.

The sunset on Grids hand was blurred and Baal was cut without realizing it.

Baals eyes widened and he finally realized it.

The Asura he threw away a while ago wasnt a disastrous failure.

“Was a fortnight in hell 15 years on the surface”

It was just that the guy called Grid became stronger.

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