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-Thank you.I hope my little knowledge will help my benefactor.

A skinny body, a hunched back, dark shadowed eyes, and white skin...

Mumuds soul was restored to his former appearance when he was alive and he greeted Euphemina with a smile before disappearing.

Euphemina said goodbye.

[You have absorbed the vast knowledge of the genius magician, Mumud.]

[You can change to the growth type legendary class,Mumuds Successor.]

[The former class, Duplicator, will disappear.

The Duplicators class-specific skills will be removed and your stats will be reset.]

[However, some of the stats and skills obtained from Duplicator class quests wont be deleted.

For more information, please click on the details.]

[The current second classRuthless Bomber wont be affected by the first class fluctuations.]

[Would you like to change your class to Mumuds Successor]


Duplicator was a class with many shortcomings and weaknesses.

In order to duplicate a skill, it was necessary to induce the target player to use the skill.

There was also a limit to the number of skills that could be duplicated per day.

Additionally, every time she continuously used skills with different attributes, she consumed a lot of mental power.

The stronger the combat ability, the worse her ability to sustain it became.

However, it was also an attractive class.

Depending on the quantity and quality of the duplicated skill, it was possible to become a flawless existence capable of attack, defense, buffs, recovery, and debuffs.

She might be the strongest for a day, and then be the weakest another day, and there were times when Euphemina resented her class, but she also loved it.

“Yes, I will change my class.”

Even so, she threw it away without any foolishness.

Duplicators potential might be high, but it wasnt comparable to Mumuds Successor.

It was natural.

Mumud was a genius magician who made even the legendary great magician, Braham, feel jealous.

Becoming his successor meant she would gain the potential of a first-tier legend.

[You have become Mumuds Successor.]

The moment the system responded to Eupheminas determination, the iridescent magic that represented all attributes rose from her small body.

It was when peoples attention were drawn to the spectacular aurora that covered the gray sky of Frontier...

[An unknown person has acquired infinite potential.]

A short but powerful world message appeared.


[An unknown person has acquired infinite potential.]

Infinite potential—it was an expression that had never been used for Agnus, who raised Baals Contractor to the legendary class; Kraugel, who became a Sword Saint; or even Grid, who wrote several epics.

It was natural for the media to be turned upside down.

“Who is it Who the hell is it”

“Grid or Kraugel”

“I think it is Agnus.”

“Fools! How can this be”

The so-called another world, Satisfy, was enjoyed by two billion players, and Nixon, who was the editor-in-chief of S Magazine and dealt with tens of thousands of Satisfy news a day, instinctively sensed it—it was a fact that the protagonist of this world message wasnt the previous protagonists, but a completely new person.

‘If it was either Grid, Kraugel, or Agnus, the correct name would be written, not someone unknown.

The mention of infinite potential was also new to Grid, Kraugel, and Agnus.

It was almost like a final evolution.

There was a precedent where theunknown person marked in the epic changed to being marked asGrid once a certain point was reached.

If the person with infinite potential was one of the existing strong ones, it was likely their ID would be disclosed.

A person who deserves to be the new protagonist...

who is it

There were too many people who came to mind.

The Overgeared Guilds 10 meritorious retainers; Aura Master, Hurent; Ares, the God of War; Zibal of the magic machine; Pope Damian; Asuka, the weapons collector; the Black and White sisters; Death God, Knight; Yatans Servant, Rose; etc.

However, the Red Sage, Haster, was excluded.

Since Halles party posted the video of them hunting Haster onto the Internet, expectations for Haster fell to the bottom, especially when Halle struggled against Nyangmong.

‘There are many emerging powerhouses who come to mind.

There was the Overgeared Kingdoms secret weapon, Coke; the magician killer, Nicole; Shiya, who was the storm that shook the Saharan Empire; Biltred, who claimed to be an ordinary resident of the Hwan Kingdom; etc.

Satisfy was vast and there were many talents.

It wouldnt be surprising if one of them became the protagonist of the new world message.

If Nixon was an ordinary player, then they would leisurely look forward to the moment when the person with infinite potential reveals their identity.

However, Nixon was obliged to find the news and spread it quickly.

He wanted to immediately find the person with infinite potential.

‘First of all, the members of the Overgeared Guild should be excluded from the candidates.

The Overgeared Guild, the most legendary force, had recently produced two new legends.

There should be stillness after a big event.

It seemed unlikely that the protagonist of this world message would be a member of the Overgeared Guild.

He was gradually narrowing down the candidates when he received a phone call.

“What The 33rd great demon”

Editor-in-chief Nixon rose from his seat.

How long had it been since the 29th great demon was defeated Now there was a world message that the 33rd great demon was defeated And it was even in hell...


Subduing great demons who were said to be much more powerful in hell than on the human world—it wasnt a fluke that he defeated the 29th great demon Nixons interest immediately changed.

He was filled with intense inspiration and erased the article he had been writing about theperson of infinite potential to start a new one.

The title of the article was more stimulating than ever.

[Overgeared King Grid has surpassed Sword Saint Muller!]




The 33rd great demon was far more aggressive and destructive than the 29th Great Demon, Marchosias.

Starting from his basic personality, he was more aggressive than all the great demons Grid had faced till now, and he forced Grid and Yura into a crisis several times.

However, he was unable to overcome Grids defense as he actively used the White Tigers Posture and the effect of Earth God.

He had a lower rank and defense than Marchosias, and was pierced thousands of times by Yuras bullets, eventually collapsing.

It was a short but difficult battle.

Grid and Yura determined that continuous battles were impossible and came up to the human world to restock their various consumables (that couldnt be obtained in hell).

Then they looked for Euphemina.

It was to congratulate her for her class change.

Yura watched Grid and Euphemina, who were happily hugging each other, with pleasure.

The big and reliable Grid and the small and lovely Euphemina looked like siblings.

Yura knew the relationship between the two people from the beginning.


Grid and Euphemina mutually comforted each other, saying things likeYouve had a hard time andIm sorry for worrying you. Finally, they calmed down and Yura took the opportunity to give her congratulations.

Euphemina shook Yuras hand energetically with a smile.

“Thank you, Ill try to contribute to the guild in the future.”

“Youve been active enough so far.”

“Sister, compared to you...”

Euphemina glanced between Grid and Yura.

Hell, a place no one could easily step in—Euphemina was envious of the two people who were active together in a completely different world.

She also wanted to be with them and to be one of the main pillars of the Overgeared Kingdom.

It was because there was a time when she was shaken by Agnus and let Grid down.

Did he read her heart

“Im looking forward to it.” Grid smiled kindly and stroked Eupheminas head to encourage her.

“You can expect it!” Euphemina smiled widely and exclaimed energetically.

Her level had dropped to 300 after changing to Mumuds Successor.

It was a huge 100 levels and at least five years of effort was lost, but she wasnt upset.

It wasnt possible to connect them as quickly as Brahams enhanced magic, but Mumuds Successor specialized in high ranking magic.

In other words, it possessed a large number of large-scale magic and could be a class specialized in facing a large number of enemies.

She was confident that she could recover her level quickly.

The situation was much better than Faker and Jishuka who were reset to level 1.


Lets hold a celebration party for all those who have changed to a legendary class, We will all gather tomorrow.”

The moment Grid made this announcement, a considerable number of Overgeared members logged out.

They were the members of the Overgeared Guild living overseas.

They had to start preparing quickly to arrive in South Korea by tomorrow.

On the other hand, those who had moved to South Korea like Jishuka and Lauel received envious gazes as they leisurely focused on the game.


‘I need the heart of the Demon God...

Before meeting the 33rd great demon, Grid found hells blacksmith, Helmis, and got a very large hint.

An item that prevented stamina from falling—in order to create an item that supplemented stamina, the Red Phoenixs Breath was insufficient and the heart of the Demon God was necessary.

However, the identity of the Demon God was amazing.


Demon God—another god of hell apart from Evil God Yatan.

Why was a god only staying in the position of 12th great demon It was hard to understand.

Yura spoke to the confused Grid, “First of all, I think I should meet Amoract.

I think the information from her will be a clue.”

“Did you say that Amoract is hostile to Baal”

“It feels like she is wary.”


Grid recalled how Braham attacked the Yatan headquarters and harbored a grudge against Amoract.

Grid was both expectant and worried about the episode that would unfold in hell.

Truths not yet revealed were waiting for Grid.

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