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[Name: None

Species: Hell Succubus

Level: 415

Health: 30,000,000

Mana: 20,000,000

Strength: 230 Stamina: 890

Agility: 710 Intelligence: 3,150

Charm: 5,000

A race favored by the great demon, Belial.

Bewitches the target with her beautiful appearance and demonic charm.

Ordinary humans and monsters can only yield to the charm of the succubi.

-Skills Possessed-

Blink (B), Fly (B), Life Drain (A), Bewitchment (A), Sleep (A), Yin Energy, Identify Preferences (S), Dream Infiltration (S), Ingest Vital Force (S)

★A demonic creature of hell.

This individual had no desire to escape from Hell Gaos domination.

Loyalty is maintained at 100%.


Bewitch up to eight targets and enslave them.

Bewitched targets will follow the command of the succubus for a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of one hour.

Orders of self-harm arent possible.

Skill Cooldown Time: 3 minutes


Puts the target to sleep for a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 20 seconds, making them unable to move.

The higher the fatigue of the target, the greater the probability of success.

Cooldown Time: 5 minutes

[Yin Energy]


Greatly reduces the resistances of the target.

There is a low probability of causing confusion.

[Identify Preferences]


The succubus can grasp the preferences of a target and embody it.

There is a 90% chance of being bewitched when the preferences are identified.

[Dream Infiltration]

The succubus can penetrate the dream of the sleeping target.

Through dreams, the targets desires and weaknesses are identified.

The dream or nightmare that the target desires is realized.

Targets in a desired dream will fall into an incapacitated stateuntil attacked. Targets in a nightmare will wake up from the dream and all stats will drop significantly for 20 seconds.

Cooldown Time: 10 minutes

[Ingest Vital Force]

If a non-slaves vital force is consumed, all of their resources are slightly reduced and the succubus empty stomach will be filled.

If a slaves vital force is consumed, the targets resources are greatly absorbed and the succubus will be full.

A full succubus will greatly increase her magic power and targets deprived of their vital force will temporarily faint.

There is a very low probability of death.

Cooldown Time: 3 hours]

Blink to teleport, Fly for flying in the sky, Life Drain that absorbed the health of the target, Bewitchment, Sleep, Yin Energy, Dream Infiltration, and Ingest Vital Force...

The succubus abilities specialized in completely neutralizing the target and it exceeded Grids expectations.

There wasnt a single area he felt regret about.


‘There is 30 million health.

It was incredibly high.

It was six times higher than the adult memphis.

It was a moment that revealed the advantages of taming a monster.

Unlike pets who didnt die when their health was wiped out and could be summoned again, the life of a tamed monster was finite.

In most cases, the domination time was temporary.

Perhaps it was due to this strong penalty that the stats-related penalties were small.

To put it simply, if the succubi was classified as a pet or a summon, then their health would be at least 10 times lower than now.

The summoning would just be canceled when the pet died.

It could be summoned again after the cooldown ended, but it would be weakened.

However, monster taming was different.

Tamed monsters retained their health and stats just like in their wild state.

‘The stamina stat isnt good so defense is low.

However, this level of health means the succubus cant be easily defeated.

The reason they died to Grid so easily was due to their low defense.

Grids stats mightve been reduced by 20%, but the damage was still extreme.

“Master, how can we serve you Do you want to have a good dream Or...”

The reason why tamed monsters were valued lower than pets was that firstly, it was over once they died.

Secondly, there was a limit to the domination duration.

Thirdly, their intelligence was low.

However, Grids domination was permanently even if it was limited to demonic beasts.

Also, the hell succubi were very intelligent.

A race that dug into the weaknesses of the target couldnt be stupid.

Grid was satisfied that the succubi were what he was looking for and shook his head as a reply.

“Wait for now.”


The succubi knelt down silently.

The initial provocative attitude had disappeared and they were like new brides.

They didnt dare covet their masters vital force.

“You can relax a bit,” Grid spoke to the succubus who was still struggling with her wounds and Glant stepped in from the side.

“Succubi can use Life Drain magic.

It will give her a chance to recover if you are concerned about her wounds.”

“Hmm...” Grid looked around.

The bare forest.

Every tree had no leaves and no grass was growing on the dry land.

The only living creatures in this grey forest were Grid and the succubi.

“Cant anything live in a place like this”

“Even a demonkin has to eat or they will die.”

Succubi, halphas, etc.

Among the monsters, there were a few races that used other peoples vital force or magic as food.

Most of the demonkin could only live if they ate food like humans or beasts.

It was natural that Helitera Forest was empty.

“The only demonkin who comes to this place are the fools fascinated by the succubis yin energy.”


Grid listened to Glants explanation and confirmed the health of the wounded succubus.

She currently only had around 12,000 health left.

She had suffered bleeding from too many wounds.

Her natural recovery rate couldnt keep up with the amount of bleeding and she would die soon.

He could dominate a new succubus if she died, but...

‘It is strange to let someone die when I can save them.

Wasnt that a psychopath

“Take my life.”

“H-H-How dare I take my masters health...”

“You must live.”

“T-Thank you...!”

The succubus who was trembling with fear couldnt stand the thought that she was going to die soon and rushed to Grid.

She hung from Grids shoulders and breathed roughly.

An aura emerged from red patterns engraved on the succubus abdomen and collarbone and wrapped around Grid like a snake.

Was the hope of living turned into pleasure The succubus had a red face and breathed harshly.

The other succubi watched her enviously.

Meanwhile, Glant was feeling great confusion.

‘Why is he bothering to save her

Yura saved him because he had value.

Glant was a demon and a candidate to become a great demon.

On the other hand, the succubi were numerous.

He could find and dominate a new succubus at any time if one died.

So why bother to save her

‘Is this the morality Ive only heard about

Glant was amazed while the succubus suddenly trembled with fright.

The succubus felt lost as she was absorbing Grids health.

It was because nothing happened.

[You have resisted.]


Just like with most magic, Life Drain didnt have a 100% success rate.

The higher the target\'s level and magic resistance, the lower the success rate.

Even if it was successful, the amount of health absorbed was very small.

It was impossible for the succubus Life Drain to piece through Grids high magic resistance.


The succubus failed to drain Grids health and slowly withdrew.

The complexion of her and the other succubi was white.

Their eyes were filled with surprise as they stared at Grid.

Clap, clap, clap.

He once again heard applause.

As expected, it was from Glant.

“Giving hope to those who are dying and desperate, and then taking it back...

Ive learned something else.”

“...Can you tell him to leave”

After that, they returned Glant to the castle and Yura explored hell with Grid.

It was only up to the 29th Hell.

Over the course of 10 days, Grid became proficient in using the succubi and improved his combat power.

However, he couldnt ignore the penalties of hell.



Why do they have so much health”

The vitality and defense of the elite monsters who appeared in the hells in the 20s was far beyond that of the monsters in the hells in the 30s.

It took about three minutes to hunt one demonkin unless he used a fusion sword dance.

However, the respawn rate was incredibly fast.

They were reborn less than a minute after death and he had no time to breathe.

Grids stamina was already suffering from the severe penalty and it quickly ran out.

He summoned Overgeared Corn to lick his face while Yura explained, “It is due to the influence of Marbas.”


It was a name he had heard somewhere before.

“He is a great demons subordinate with power comparable to a high ranking great demon, but he has an unusual power.

He dramatically strengthens the demonkin in the section where he lives and overloads the respawn rate to promote his own safety.”

“He is just a great demons subordinate.

How can he wield power like a high ranking great demon”

“I dont know the details.

I havent accessed the episodes about Marbas yet.”

Tang tang!Tatatang!

Yuras continuously fired magic bullets knocked down the elite monsters like autumn leaves.

After reaching level 400, Yura gained an additional 30% stats in hell and the additional damage dealt to demonic beasts, demonkin, and demons was 500%.

This meant that Yuras attack power sometimes exceeded Grids attack power.

In particular, once Light of Purification was laid on the gun, even the ferocious demons would turn pale and use Barrier.

...Although Barrier was useless.

“Yura, what level are you now”

“Level 408.”


It was deservedly high.

She slaughtered monsters that gave so much experience at a tremendous speed.

It was just that level 408 felt rather low considering she had been active in hell for several years.

Yura smiled shyly at the admiring Grid.

“It is thanks to Youngwoo-ssis help in the Chaos Mountains.

My hunting speed wasnt fast until I reached level 400.

I couldnt even access the area where Marbas is.”

Now Marbas area was nothing less than a rich mine from Yuras point of view.

Grid was deep in thought as he watched Yura eagerly killing monsters with Noe, the Overgeared Skeletons, and the succubi.

‘Yura is great, but Ive also been too comfortable.

He had believed that he could raise his level at any time.

He mightve been secretly proud that the competitors were working hard to catch up with him.

‘...It is time for me to make an effort.

The number one ranking wasnt a position to be kept.

How many people thought that Kraugel would come down from the top of the rankings Grids enthusiasm and vigilance were revived.

He was burning with motivation just like the first time he learned Pagmas Swordsmanship and started slaughtering monsters.

“Wave Pinnacle.”

The moment his stamina recovered, Grid got up and used a wide area fusion sword dance.

He abruptly eliminated the monsters in the area and told Yura, “Im not going to easily give up the top spot in the rankings.”

“I want it.”

Even if she was lucky enough to take his place, it meant she had gained more power and that power would be used for him.

Yura swallowed down these words and was loading a magic bullet when she stiffened like a stone statue.

“”It seems you have a lot of room to run around in a relaxed manner.”” A harsh voice was heard from above.

“”Demon Slayer Yura, do you think you can escape my eyes””

“Who is that guy”

Yura exclaimed, “Showing up here now...!”

A being who spread open wings of steel and came to the battlefield.

His identity was Andras, one of Baals subordinates.

He was a persistent demon who had been tracking Yura since she briefly invaded the First Hell.

“We cant win against him yet.

Hurry and escape...”

Yuras hurried attempt to open a gate to the human world was interrupted.

It was because chains poured down from the sky like rain and wrapped tightly around her neck and mouth.

The bullets she spread out were shattered and scattered in all directions.


you dared to invade His Majesty Baals holy land and leave a stain on it.

I can never forgive you.

I will engrave the stigma of sin that will never disappear from your body and soul.””

Eventually, the chains binding Yuras limbs turned red.

It happened when the silver armor and white skin started to burn black...

“Transcend, Shunpo.”


Andras senses and reflexes were surprisingly good.

He almost immediately responded to Grid who appeared behind him and he wrapped himself in steel wings.

However, Grids sword had already pierced through the gap.


The momentum of the Absolute spread throughout the 29th Hell.


The sword dance of Link was added to Kill and punished the demon who dared touch his precious person.


Grids eyes were burning as he stared at Andras, who was vomiting mercury-like blood.

“Stop talking rubbish.”

“”I will...

kill you!””

Part of the chain turned into a sword engulfed in flames.

It tangled with the chains that moved like waves and struck at Grid.

”Cancel it!”

A sacred and great flame spread out like a storm.

Grids momentum was dangerous and Andras shrank back.

“”A god””

”Just get lost.”

In the midst of the Storm of the Fire God, Grid gained infinite sword energy and cast the five fusion sword dance at Andras.

Andras party member watched the scene from a distance and his blood was boiling.


have you become stronger”

The man with green hair and golden eyes—Baals Contractor, Agnus—left without any hesitation.

It was because he knew it was meaningless to help Andras.


It was also because he didnt want to point his sword at a man who was fighting to protect his beloved woman.

Now he distinguished between when to fight and when not to fight.

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