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Chapter 112

In the center of it, Grid wielded Dainsleif.

Then a dark energy blade shot forward.



The guardian was confused by its deformed arms and screamed when its face was hit.


What was this reaction to just one hit Grid grinned at the power of Transcend.

Then he wielded Dainsleif again.


Two blades flew forward in a cross shape and hit the guardians chest.


The guardian was in more pain.

Grid laughed as he saw it and brandished Dainsleif diagonally.

The blades bent like a whip and accurately hit the back of the guardians neck.

Grids black energy swords continued flying forward.

Kwang! Kwaang! Kwa kwa kwang!

[You have dealt 4,100 damage.]

[You have dealt 3,730 damage.]

[You have dealt 4,450 damage.]

Dainsleifs attack power was doubled due to the red lightning.

Grids attacks were more powerful than the previous Link skill.

He also had a different skill that could be used without any restrictions.

“Blacksmiths Rage!”

[Blacksmiths Rage has been activated.

Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

Grid triggered Blacksmiths Rage and started his full-fledged rampage towards the guardian.

“Die! Die! Die! Puhahahat!”


[You have dealt 5,500 damage.]

[You have dealt 5,350 damage.]

[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 10,940 damage.]

[You have dealt 5,900 damage.]


It was a one-sided battle.

Due to the constantly flying swords, the Guardian of the Labyrinth couldnt approach Grid.

If its arms were fine, it couldve used defensive maneuvers with both arms.

However, the deformed arms were unable to move as it wanted due to Grids hammering.

It was just a sandbag without being able to defend.


A shockwave occurred every time the guardian was hit, increasing the collapse of this space.

Jishuka was nervous as she watched the battle from the ceiling.

“Grid is still in danger.” Vantner asked Jishuka.

“Shouldnt we help Why are we staying still”

Jishuka was also a physical damage dealer.

But her attack power was unmatched.

Her arrows could deal great damage to the Guardian of the Labyrinth.

And right now, Jishuka was in the perfect position for sniping.

It was natural to question why Jishuka was just watching instead of helping.

Jishuka explained, “Of course, I can help but… I think Grid will become angry at me.

Isnt that right”

Vantner hit his forehead.

Then he nodded at her words.

“Yes, that seems correct when thinking about his personality.

Its obvious that hell be angry if someone interferes in the middle and takes his experience.”

“Yes, and Grid alone seems to be sufficient.

I just want him to hurry a little bit.”

Jishuka grasped that the Guardian of the Labyrinth was at a level lower than the Guardian of the Forest.

The high defense, health and attack power was equal or higher than the Guardian of the Forest, but the Guardian of the Labyrinth had a fatal weakness.

‘It has no skills.

Thats right.

Jishuka had watched for a while and noticed the Guardian of the Labyrinth hadnt used a single skill.

The Guardian of the Forest possessed all sorts of tricky skills such as wide area stun and summoning golems, but the Guardian of the Labyrinth was just a lump of metal with high stats.

Jishuka shouted towards Grid from the top of the underground space.

“Look behind the guardian.

Do you see a small cave If the space seems to collapse, run away through there!”


Grid received the information and walked towards the guardian.

He continued firing his swords at the guardian, so it couldnt fight back against Grid.

“Its overwhelming firepower.”

“His damage and durability is superior in all respects.”

Jishuka and Vantner felt assured.

‘That guy, he didnt use all his skills during the Malacus raid or against the Giant Guild.

‘With Grids power, is it possible for him to win against Regas

On the other hand, the Guardian of the Labyrinth backed away against a wall.



He saw the entrance of a small cave in the wall that the guardian fell against.

Grid used Quick Movements and wielded Dainsleif.

A sword aura flew and hit the guardians eyes.


The guardians eyes blazed red from the lightning.

Then Grid appeared in front of it.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship!”

The duration of Transcend was over.

Then the cooldown time of Link was over.


Jjejeong! Jjang! Jjeejeeeong!

When Grid first learned Link, he had only been able to wield his sword six times.

Once he became accustomed to it, he could wield it eight times.

Then he grew in battle and it increased to 10 times.


The Guardian of the Labyrinth was hit by 10 red lightning blades and fell to its knees.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship…!”

Grid jumped in the air and squeezed all his strength into Dainsleif.



The black greatsword penetrated the head of the guardian.

Then notification windows flashed in front of Grid.

[You have defeated the Great Magician Brahams Guardian of the Labyrinth!]

[180 gold has been acquired.]

[90 deluxe iron ore have been acquired.]

[33 pieces of black iron have been acquired.]

[45 pieces of orichalcum have been acquired.]

[3 Deluxe Magic Stones have been acquired.]

[Brahams Treasure Chest Key has been acquired.]

[45,350,000 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

During the Malacus raid, Grid had 17 people in his party.

Therefore, the amount of experience gained was small due to the distribution of experience points.

But now he gained so much experience because he succeeded in the raid alone.

Grids level, which had been 106 due to hunting the golems in the labyrinth, jumped to 114 at once.

In addition, Grid gained dozens of expensive black iron and Orichalcum, but his expression wasnt good.

“Apart from the experience, the rewards are garbage…”

He was really disappointed.

Shouldnt a boss monster drop at least one unique item

‘The boss has high stats and no special attack skills, but… Shouldnt it give items because its a boss

The Guardian of the Labyrinth didnt use any skills from the beginning to its death.

Swinging the arms was its only attack pattern, so it couldnt do anything after the arms were deformed.

But there was still a part to consider.

Jishuka and Vantner didnt know this, but didnt Grid activate dozens of Brahams magic traps when he first fell into this space

It was virtually impossible to react to such sudden traps.

The damage was in the hundreds of thousands.

Grid only survived because of his passive, but other users would have unconditionally died from those traps.

The traps were included in the raid so even if the Guardian of the Labyrinth was weak, the difficulty of the raid itself was higher than the one against Malacus.

Yet the rewards for the raid were only production materials

‘Of course, black iron and orichalcum are expensive but… I was hoping for items that were more special.


Then the space started collapsing around Grid.

Grid moved past the remains of the guardian and into the small cave.

Then he saw it.

Three boxes were placed next to each other inside the cave!


Grid was reminded of Brahams Treasure Chest Key that the Guardian of the Labyrinth dropped.

“Puhahahat! This is it! The real reward is actually separate!”

Grid stood in front of the three boxes.

The first box was ornately embellished and shone brightly.

It was suitable to be called a treasure chest.

On the other hand, the second box was scratched all over and the design was plain.

Nothing special could be seen.

And finally, the third box.

It was just an old wooden box.

There was only one key!

A regular person would think the ornate treasure chest was a trick and that the old box was the real treasure.

No, an ordinary box without any features might not be the true treasure chest.

This would cause deep thoughts.

But Grid was simple.

“Of course, this shining box is the treasure chest! Worrying over a decision will just advertise my indecisiveness!”

Grid pulled out Brahams Treasure Chest Key from his inventory.

Then he placed the key in the ornate box.


Grid was smiling with confidence.

He inserted the key into the treasure chest without any worries.

The box responded by opening widely.


There was a brilliant flash of light and the contents were revealed! Grid gulped with anticipated.

Then he frowned.

“…Whats this”

There were neither colourful treasures or rare items in the box.

There was only one egg.

Thats right.

It wasnt the egg of a particular monster or animal, it was just an egg.

It was an ordinary egg based on its size, shape and color.


Grid was speechless.

He fought the monster and reached here, only to end up with an egg


Grids body shook.

He finally couldnt suppress his anger and cried out.

“Damn! How rotten! What the hell! This egg wont even appease my hunger! No, why is an egg in a treasure chest in the first place Does this make sense, damn operators If you are going to create a game, think about it a little bit.”

He had forgotten because of his recent bout of luck.

“… Yes, originally I was unlucky.”

Was this a sign that his unhappiness would start again Grid looked scared then he sighed.

He looked at the remaining two boxes with a grouchy expression.

“The real treasure is in one of those boxes…” Looking back, he had been too naive.

“I shouldve opened the old box… Hah…”

He looked at the first box to see if he could recycle the used key, but it had already been destroyed.

“I dont want to go back like this… Wait.”

Grid suddenly had an idea.

He started it without any delay.

“Item creation!”

[What item do you want to create]

Grid replied to the systems question.

“A key.”

Thats right.

Grid was going to create a master key in order to open the remaining two boxes.

The Item Creation skill had a limited number of uses, so he needed to be careful, but Grid was fully aware of this after creating Failure.

‘Having a universal key that can open anything will permanently benefit me in the future.

It is too good to pass up, even if I need to consume one slot.

Treasure chests were an important element in games.

In particular, players of RPGs and adventure games were obliged to carry keys for treasure chests.

They made contact with countless boxes during their adventures.

What if there was a master key that could open all types of boxes It would be truly perfect.

He would be able to gain all types of rewards every time he encountered a box.

It was the same with Satisfy.

‘A master key is needed.

[Have you decided]

The determined Grid nodded.


[What materials would you like to use]

Brahams key was made using black iron.

Black iron was also the material Dainsleif was made of.

‘The durability of black iron is special.

If I make it with black iron, I can use it semi-permanently.

Brahams key was disposable due to the nature of the event, but Grids key would be different.

Grid made his decision.

“Black iron.”

[Please design the item.]


From here, Grid was cautious.

What should be the appearance of the master key that could open anything Grid worried about it.

It wasnt easy to decide.

Suddenly, he remembered the thieves in the dramas, movies and anime that he watched.


The thieves.

Couldnt skillful thieves pick all types of locks with just two wires Even if he saw it in a movie, it might actually be possible.

In the end, Grid drew two pieces of wire on the blueprint.

It was too thin, so he deleted it and drew it again.

After drawing a cylindrical pillar design, he punched a small hole in the centre and connected two wires there.

It was very sloppy but Grid was satisfied and clicked the complete button.

Then the system gave him one last chance as usual.

[Have you decided When you complete the blueprint, the number of available creation skill will decrease by one.]

“I have decided!” Grid energetically replied.

At the same time, all types of numbers and letters appeared all over the blueprint.

After a while, the blueprint was completed.

[Please describe the characteristics of the item.]

“An incredible scientifically designed key that can open all types of locks!”

[Please name the item.]

Next was the name.

“Master Key!”

[Have you decided onMaster Key]



The finished hologram of the Master Key appeared in front of Grid, along with the description.

[Master Key]

A key made of black iron.

The form is a little ambiguous to be called a key.

When hung around the neck, it looks like a necklace.

When placed around the wrist, it looks like a bracelet.

The appearance is very poor, but it is made of excellent materials.

In addition, the performance is surprisingly spectacular.

It can open many types of locks.

* The higher the users dexterity, the more types of locks that can be opened.

Conditions of Use: More than 300 dexterity.

“Thats it!”

The result was a great success.

Wasnt Grid also number one in dexterity

“This is an item for me! Puhahat.”

Now he simply needed to make it.

But in order to do that, smelting black iron was necessary.

He would need to go back to the smithy.

Grid didnt want to do that.

‘I was lost in this labyrinth.

It was a coincidence that I fell here.

Will I be able to find my way back And what if this cave entirely disappears while I am gone Its a treasure trove, so it wont be easily exposed to others… Maybe there is a time limit that will make it disappear

Then he heard Jishukas voice from behind him.

“Grid! Are you safe”

She was worried after Grid didnt exit the cave for a long time.

Then Grid smiled widely.

“Was it Phoenix Arrow… It seems to have a fairly high temperature…”

Jishukas Phoenix Arrow was the ultimate attack that she showed during the Malacus raid.

The fire arrow was reminiscent of a gigantic phoenix and seething lava emerged where it exploded.

It was a skill that dealt tremendous damage, but Jishuka didnt often use it because it consumed 100% of her mana.

But now, Grid forced Jishuka.

“Jishuka, do you see me right outside the cave Please fire Phoenix Arrow there.”


Jishuka frowned.

He wanted her to use her skill where there was nothing She thought Grid was crazy.

Grid saw that she didnt understand and explained.

“I need fire right now to smelt minerals.

Just a minute.

I need to make a small item.”

“… Are you saying that you want to use my Phoenix Arrow to make a fire”

“Thats right.”


The ultimate technique of an expert archer was being used to smelt minerals Jishuka felt ashamed.

She bit her lower lip and trembled as Grid drove it in.

“You arent in a position to refuse my request.

Do you understand There are many guilds who would welcome me.”


“It isnt that hard, is it Dont be so proud.”

Grid was no longer timid in front of her.

He was flexible enough to take advantage of people.

Jishuka felt like he was a completely different person compared to the Grid she met a fortnight ago.

It was rather reassuring.


It was better to help each other.

‘Grid is a blacksmith who can make legendary items.

Helping him produce an item isnt a bad thing.

Jishuka thought as positively as possible as she aimed her bow towards the remnant of the underground space.

Then she warned Grid.

“Pay attention to the impact.”


A small fire appeared at the end of the arrow and suddenly became a gigantic fireball.

Then Jishuka called out.

“Phoenix Arrow!”


Was this the cry of a pterodactyl A huge scream echoed through the cave, hurting Grids ears.

As he was in pain, the flaming bird flew out of the cave, leaving a burning path behind it.

Then it instantly disappeared.

Grid identified the place that was burning and ran towards it with a bright expression.

He pulled out an anvil and hammer and started smelting black iron.

Meanwhile, Jishuka had 100% of her mana drained and leaned against the wall while feeling dizzy.

“My special move is being used like this… It really doesnt feel good.”

On the other hand, Vantner had seen what happened and was gazing at Grid with envy.

‘Being able to deal with Jishuka like this… This is the first time Ive met a man like you Grid! Youre great!


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