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Chapter 2181: The Greatest ViewTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Dont worry.

Were hiding in the shadows.

With Dan Qi and Huang Zichu, two of the worlds top hackers, following and monitoring him, are you still afraid that hell be kidnapped”

Looking at Big Brother Chi Yangs dark handsome face, it was clear that he was tense and nervous.

Nangong Nuannuan nestled herself into his arms and hugged his waist with both arms, comforting him gently.

“Did you ask Dan Qi to protect him”

“Yes.” Nuannuan buried her head in Chi Yangs chest.

She smelled the refreshing and pleasant scent of his body.

The two hours of fatigue from the surgery instantly disappeared.

Chi Yang hugged his wifes slender waist.

He did not understand how such a slender and seemingly weak girl could have such explosive strength.

“Are you tired” Chi Yang asked gently.

“No.” Nuannuan shook her head.

As long as she hugged him, she was not tired at all.

After confirming that his wife was not tired, Chi Yang asked with concern, “Was the surgery successful”

Although he was asking, Chi Yang said it with a certain tone.

He knew that with his Nuannuan around, the surgery would definitely succeed.

“Yes.” Nuannuan nodded.

“It was very successful.

Also, some time ago, I had someone make a suture line based on my request.

This is the first time that such a suture line has been used in large-scale surgery.

My idea turned out to be very successful.

That suture line is highly dense and can adhere to blood vessels strongly.”

Looking at his little womans sparkling eyes as she spoke, Chi Yang felt like she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

He could not help but gently kiss the tip of her nose and say, “I knew that my Nuannuan was the best.”

Nangong Nuannuan giggled and responded, “My Big Brother Chi Yang is also the best!”

“How long are you planning to stay here”

Nangong Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang and said, “I told you that you could go back after you accompanied Leyton in for the surgery.

Now that his surgery has been completed, all thats left is for him to do is recover, so you can go back any time.”

“Arent you going to spend more time with your dad” Chi Yang asked with a smile.

“Im afraid youll be bored.

Its rare for you to have a holiday, and I know you want to spend all your free time with me.”

Chi Yang kissed Nuannuans forehead, “Silly, didnt I already tell you that my holiday plans were to spend time with you however you wanted Usually, Im busy with work and cant spend much time with you.

Sometimes, when I go on a mission, I spend ten days to half a month there.

I owe you so much, so dont mind me.

As long as Im on vacation, no matter where you go or what you want to do, as long as I can be with you, its the best thing in the world to me.

It really doesnt matter to me at all where we go.

Youre the greatest view in the world!”

Although Big Brother Chi Yang often said sweet words to her, such sweet words still made Nuannuan feel very happy.

She smiled as she snuggled into his embrace.

She raised her head and said to him, “Youre also the most beautiful view in my life.

Wherever you are, Ill be there.”

Chi Yang did not speak, but the smile on his lips was very warm.

The gentleness in his eyes was almost overflowing.

In this world, only this girl could make him completely lose control of his emotions.

As time passed, his love and affection for her would only grow deeper.

Eventually, the two of them had been looking at each other for so long that they completely forgot about the previous topic.

Should they continue to stay in Luntan with Duke Eton Xu Feiyang had saved Ning Wenhao, but he was injured.

Was his injury serious

Nuannuan completely forgot to ask.

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