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Damn itYou Call This Beast Taming Chapter 13 - The Experience Began

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Chapter 13: The Experience Began

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President Gao was surprised. “He cleared the stage so quickly again”

Sheng Nana asked, “Whos that No. 80002 Is he at the awakening level He cleared the seventh stage”

She was very clear about the difficulty of the seventh stage! That was a king-level bloodline! The sixth stage and the seventh stage were completely different concepts. Back when Sheng Nana was still at the awakening level, she couldnt even clear the sixth stage, let alone the seventh stage.

Principal Gao laughed, “Hes someone you know.”

“Ah” Li Siyu and Sheng Nana looked at each other, both a loss.

Principal Gao said to Li Siyu, “You checked his file before.”

Li Siyu immediately thought of someone, “Hes Chu Feng A junior who just awakened his beast tamer talent”

Sheng Nana burst into laughter. “Are you kidding me How is that possible”

“Thats right, its him.” Principal Gao raised his brows and continued, “He could easily clear the stages as compared to you all back then.”

Li Siyu and Sheng Nana glanced at each other again. They still didnt quite believe Principal Gaos words. How was that possible Didnt Chu Feng just awaken his beast tamer talent Two days ago, he had formed a contract with a pet beast and it seemed to be a white bear Why would he show off his might in the ruins now

Principal Gao didnt continue speaking. He was also experiencing conflicting emotions. Even he didnt dare believe this...

In the challenge space, Chu Feng had commanded the Wild Bear to defeat a [Celestial Wolf] and triggered the eighth stage. The Celestial Wolf was a ferocious beast from another dimension. It belonged to the elementary king-level bloodline, had top-level talent in rock and speed. Whether it was offense or defense, it was pretty good. The Wild Bear had to use all its strength to defeat it without using its wild body and wild domain.

Chu Feng deliberately didnt let the Wild Bear use these two skills because the Wild Bear didnt feel any pressure in the previous stages. This was not a good thing. If there was no pressure at all, would it still be considered a battle It would be considered a one-sided battle. This would not increase ones combat experience and skills but instead, it would endanger ones combat awareness and control.

“Awooo...” The Wild Bear panted heavily. It looked at Chu Feng with some resentment. Why didnt he allow the Wild Bear to use the wild body Otherwise, it would be able to kill the Celestial Wolf with a single punch! The wild body could increase all attributes, and after the Wild Bear used it, it would not be suppressed by the Celestial Wolf because of its speed.

Chu Feng smiled. “You need to feel the pressure so that you can fight better.”

A ferocious beast gradually appeared.

[Earth Wild Dragon (illusory)]

[Level: Level 10 awakening]

[Bloodline: Moderate King]

[Talent: Top-level rock talent, top-level defense talent]

[Skills: 1. Earth shield, 2. Rock transformation, 3. Wild body, 4. Wild domain]

Chu Feng smiled. “This Earth Wild Dragon seems to have some connection with your race.”

“Awooo” The Wild Bear didnt understand. Where did the connection come from It could sense the power of the Earth Wild Dragon and felt that it was indeed somewhat similar!

Chu Feng said, “The Earth Wild Dragon also knows the wild body and the wild domain. You have to be careful.”

The Wild Bear: “Awoooo!”

Hmph! They had the same skills But... it seemed that it wasnt allowed to use these two skills!

Chu Feng felt somewhat helpless. The little Wild Bear was active, and it was playing out many inner thoughts.

“Roar!” The Earth Wild Dragon roared. As a sub-dragon species, the Earth Wild Dragon was much more powerful than Tao Dongs pet beast. However, there were some similarities between them.

In an instant, the Earth Wild Dragons body turned into rocks, as if it had become a statue carved out of rocks. Layers upon layers of rocks formed to become the Earth Wild Dragons shield. Following which, the power of wildness rose and both wild body and wild domain were activated at the same time! The current Earth Wild Dragon had become many times stronger!

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear was somewhat envious. Why could the Earth Wild Dragon use the wild body and wild domain, but it could not The Wild Bear let out a low roar, and its body suddenly became ten times larger! Its strength also increased ten times and the Wild Bear fiercely smashed towards the Earth Wild Dragon!

The Earth Wild Dragon was not afraid at all and directly received the attack! With a rumbling sound, the earth shield cracked gradually and then the Earth Wild Dragons body began to shatter! However, the wild power surged out and repaired the Earth Wild Dragons body!

“Roar!” The Earth Wild Dragon roared furiously and lifted the Wild Bears paw!

Bang Bang Bang! The Earth Wild Dragon rushed over fiercely. The sound of it stepping on the ground continuously echoed in the challenge space!


The Wild Bear wasnt afraid at all. Even if it couldnt use its wild body and wild domain, it could still defeat the opponent by relying on its strength and physique!

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Wild Bear and the Earth Wild Dragon seemed to be relying purely on their powerful bodies to attack each other.

Fortunately, the interior of the challenge space was tough and rigid, hence it was able to withstand their attacks and collisions!

Chu Feng stood at the side and watched the battle. The Wild Bear was having a difficult time. The wild domain could block ones perception, so the Wild Bear could only take a beating before attacking. The Earth Wild Dragon was even able to completely suppress the Wild Bear at certain moments! However, the Wild Bear quickly adapted to the pressure and suppressed the Earth Wild Dragon with its absolute strength!

With a clicking sound, cracks appeared on the Earth Wild Dragons body, but the wild power could no longer repair it. The Wild Bear took advantage of Earth Wild Dragons weakened body and smashed its fist into the latters head! The fissure continued to expand until the Earth Wild Dragon turned into specks of light and dissipated.


[The ninth stage, begin.]

[Rock Behemoth (illusory)]

[Level: Level 10 awakening]

[Bloodline: Advanced king]

[Talent: Top-level rock talent, top-level strength talent, high-level defense talent]

[Skills: 1. Giant transformation, 2. Rock transformation, 3. Rock domain, 4. Rock control]

Chu Feng looked at the four-meter-tall Rock Behemoth in front of him. His expression became a bit solemn, but it was more of a surprise. The Rock Behemoth looked very spectacular, like a natural work of art. However, although its body was covered in rocks, it was a pet beast that possessed life. Either way, it was very amazing.

Even among the king-level bloodline beasts, the Rock Behemoth was a very powerful existence. It would not be a problem for it to be ranked in the top fifty. The Rock Behemoth was born in the mineral vein. The academic world had always debated whether to classify the Rock Behemoth as an “elemental creature”.

Elemental creatures referred to certain elements in nature, such as the spirit of fire, the spirit of water, the spirit of thunder and so on. These elemental creatures had bloodlines that were even higher than the king-level and were truly overlords.

In comparison, the Rock Behemoth was much weaker. Moreover, the Rock Behemoth could not be elementalized and was directly immune to damage. This was also one of the reasons that was widely debated in the academic world. But even if it was not a true elemental creature, the Rock Behemoths strength was unquestionable.


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